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MaxMini: Demonbound Swords Slice & Dice

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Sep 6 2017

Demonic swords, inlaid with bones and scary faces await your plastic dudesmen.

Make your warriors stand out–why settle for normal spikey models when you can pick up swords like these and have them look like they’re members of a band named something like Corpse Tornado or Desecration of Blood or Sacryfyce and are on their way to Finland for their inaugural tour. Just get these swords, and a little bit of corpsepaint and you’re ready to take the tabletop (and the Netherlands) by storm.

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Demonbound Swords €6,99

Enough with all the shooting. When things go close and personal, it’s time to put your hands on something a bit more reliable than a pistol. It’s time to learn the discipline of steel!

These weapons come from an age undreamed of… forged in the darkness of chaos, shrouded with veil of mystery, each of these swords carries a dark secret within itself. Their blades are horrid and wretched, reflecting with a demonic gloss. Legends say that they were used to slay beasts and heroes alike. To posses one of these is to sentence your soul to eternal pain and damnation. The price is extremely high to pay, but only few can resist the temptation of wielding such a powerful and deadly weapon.


This kit contains 10 swords designed to fit 28mm “heroic” miniatures. Supplied unpainted. Cast in high quality resin.

Swords for the sword god!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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