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Privateer Press: Convergence Theme Force

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Sep 3 2017

Check out the latest theme force from Privateer Press.

Got a quick look at the upcoming Convergence theme faction coming up in the latest Privateer Press insider for you.

This army seems built to take advantage of the fact that force org. in Warmachine is less strict nowadays. So you can build an army that relies on multiple redundancies to help keep control of the game

via Privateer Press

Those of you who have played the previous editions will notice the return of Field Allowance: 4 Enigma Foundries, allowing a strong recursion game in this theme force; it’s primarily what this list is constructed around.

Armies built with the Clockwork Legions theme force can include any and all of the warcasters available to Convergence, though some utilize the benefits better than others. I personally prefer this theme force with Lucant, Aurora, or Axis. It also has the option for all of the different Vectors (as Convergence warjacks are known) available, all priest model/units, and any construct units or solos with the Soul Vessel rule.


This theme force is deceptively fast for an army of mostly SPD 5 models because all the Shield Wall units gain Advance Move. Couple that with the Vengeance special rule applying to all the medium-based units, and this army can get up the table quite rapidly, especially against ranged opponents.

This theme force also has some very interesting and diverse builds. With Aurora, I like taking 30 Obstructors, 20 Reductors, two units of Clockwork Angels, and an Enigma Foundry, maxing out my free points to pull in three more Foundries. You can take free solos or command attachments for every 20 points of units in your list!

What do you think of the new army?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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