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RPG: Syrinscape Rings Out at GenCon 50

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Sep 1 2017

Syrinscape is a great way to add sound to your game and take it to the next level — we got hands on with it at Gen Con, check it out!

You’ve no doubt seen Syrinscape around the internet from time to time. Maybe you’ve used it yourself in your own game, maybe you’ve been playing a session on the tabletop when you suddenly hear the dragon you’re fighting breathe fire all around you. Or maybe you’ve been storming the bridge, protecting the towns, when, boom you hear the rush of water and the shouts of goblins. If so, then you’ve come across Syrinscape, one of the absolute best sound design apps for your RPG campaigns.


The Syrinscape folks had a cool “sound cave” on display, where you could step in and experience the entirety of their audio arsenal. And while there were a ton of cool soundscapes available for perusal, perhaps the coolest was the new Starfinder soundboard. That’s right–partnering with Paizo, Syrinscape has created a soundscape specifically for the Starfinder game, although you can use it for any of your sci-fi gaming needs, which is good, because we’re in the middle of the season of the sci-fi rpg.

These sound boards are incredibly in-depth. There’s a ton of different options there. Sounds for the enemy ship taking damage, for your ship taking damage, for the  enemy ship taking damage, for doors, for missiles being fired, for lasers, plasma–and then because they’ve partnered with Paizo, you’ll also get an idea of what the specifics of the game are supposed to sound like. So with Syrinscape you can hear the unshielded reactors of the Undreadnoughts, or the alien grace of the Kasathan Ships.

But there’s a ton more to find than just Starfinder stuff. There’s a whole section devoted to sci-fi stuff, including not just futuristic things like blaster battles, but you can also find things like “Market Street 2076” and “Cyberpunk Disco,” which sounds like somebody’s Shadowrun campaign has gone incredibly, incredibly right.


And of course, there’s a standard array of fantasy battles and sounds that you’d hope for. There’s things like Dragon Attack and Bugbear Battles–but there’s also just normal ambiance as well. One of the things the app does well is supplement the quieter moments in the game. Those non-combat moments get just as much detail as the battles–and oftentimes they can add just as much.

Good sound design makes the world feel real, and the best stuff adds to the game without overpowering it. Subtle things like the crackling fire of a hearth, or the murmuring of a crowd, or the soft fall of rain can really make those scenes pop.

You can try Syrinscape for free today, so give it a whirl. It’s easy to use, you can get the app on whatever device you prefer to use, and you can even find introductory videos to help orient you. So check it out today.

Try Syrinscape Today

Syrinscape sounds like a good time.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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