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ToyLand: Show Your Fandom with this Massive Deathwing Statue

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Sep 22 2017

This 1:4 scale bad boy stands at 29″ tall, and is packing some serious fire power!

Games Workshop adds a third giant collectable to their offerings. This Deathwing statue is being made by Silver Fox Collectibles, and is based on one of the characters in Spacehulk: Deathwing. This is the first in a series that will include Knights, Librarians, and other fan favorites. The company has worked closely with Games Workshop to ensure authenticity and faithfulness to the 40k universe.

Barachiel the unit’s Heavy Weapons Specialist. He comes with 2 heads that are swappable – a terminator helmet and bare head with an augmented eye piece. He also comes with a power fist, a 35cm long plasma cannon, and an extra switch-out hand. The statue is finished off with a rocky base that features skulls and industrial elements.

​The statue has a lot of nice detail – the script on the shoulder pad and powerfist, and the wiring and decoration on the plasma cannon stand out. Take a closer look…

Deathwing Barachiel Excl Statue – 

This 1:4 scale collectible statue will be made of high quality polystone resin. Each of 500 limited edition statues will be hand painted to bring out every detail in the sculpt.

  • Product Size: 29″ H (736.6mm) x 26″ W (812.8mm) x 24″ L (609.6mm)
  • Product Weight: 77.16 lbs (35 kg)


  • 1 x Interchangeable Helmet (LED)
  • 1 x Interchangeable Humanoid Head (LED)
  • 1 x Excl Battle Damaged Head (LED)
  • 1 x Plasma Cannon
  • 1x Space Hulk Art Print
  • Certificate of Authenticity

The eyes light up for an extra threatening look thanks to LEDs…

Silver Fox will be releasing a series of 40k statues, so keep an eye out for future additions.


Will you be adding this to your collection?

Author: Mars Garrett
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