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30K: Horus Heresy “Gone Printing”

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Oct 21 2017
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This isn’t a fisherman’s tall tale – The Horus Heresy Rulebook has gone to the printers!

The South Texas Horus Heresy 30k Facebook group had a post with some great news for all your Heresy Fans out there. The long awaited Warhammer 30K Horus Heresy Age of Darkness Rulebook has been sent to the printers.


South Texas Horus Heresy 30K Group (Facebook)


That’s Tony Conttrell in the photo by the way. He’s a long time Forge World employee that has been working on the Horus Heresy line. As you can see in the picture the book pretty much done. They are still working on the cover but the core contents are done and according to the post it’s at the printers. Hopefully we’ll see it out by next month.


We’re interested to see what changes GW has made to the ruleset. We’ve heard that it’s just been tweaks to the 7th edition core rules. But who knows what else they could have added. New Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers, Legion Traits? The field is wide open. Hopefully this will be a big boon for all the Horus Heresy Fans out there – I guess we’ll see next month.


What do you think about the news that The Horus Heresy book is finally at the printers? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Adam Harrison
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