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40K: Eldar Psychic Powers Part 1

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Oct 23 2017

The Eldar have a pretty unique psychic power set with the new book – let’s take a look at why.

Eldar Psychic Powers have always been a mainstay of the army and this new edition is no different. Not only do the Eldar have more powers in their book than most (with the exception of CSM thanks to having 3 Chaos Gods) but they have a truly unique take on how those powers work. For starters they have TWO different sets of powers: Runes of Battle and the Runes of Fate. Today, we’re going to focus on the Runes of Battle because it really highlights the uniqueness of the Eldar. So that said – let’s dive in!

In case you were wondering where we got the info from…

First things first – the Runes of Battle are unique because they have two names and two effects. Basically, when you “roll” to get a power, you get BOTH powers and can choose which is manifesting when you cast the power. You can only resolve one effect per cast, but it’s that dual nature that is so unique – only the Eldar have these double powers (for now). They get two powers for the price of one “slot” which is a deal! What you will notice for these dual powers is that they are sort of like mirrors of each other. One is a positive effect (a buff) and one is a negative effect (debuff). This creates lots of opportunities for your pskyers to mess with your opponents.


Conceal/Reveal is all about messing with a unit’s ability to be seen or to be hit.


Conceal: Opponents are -1 to hit with ranged weapons on the target unit.

Reveal: Target Unit does not game bonuses to their saving throws for being in cover.


Sometimes all it takes is a word to encourage or terrify and Embolden/Horrify does just that.

Embolden: Add 2 to a target unit’s Leadership.

Horrify: Subtract 1 from a target enemy unit’s leadership.




This one is perfect for creating a favorable situation in close combat.

Enhance: Add 1 to a target unit’s to-hit rolls in the Fight Phase.

Drain: Subtract 1 to a target unit’s to-hit rolls in the Fight Phase.



Protect/Jinx is going to really create some vulnerable targets to open up the offensive power of the Eldar on. Conversely, it’s going to make units that typically get rolled over much harder to simply steam-roll.

Protect: Add 1 to a target unit’s saving throws.

Jinx: Subtract¬†1 to a target unit’s saving throws.




Quicken/Restrain will help your units get where you need them and it will cut the enemy mobility down by half!

Quicken: Target unit can immediately move as if it were the movement phase.

Restrain: Target unit halves their Move characteristic until your next Psychic phase.



This is another power that is designed to create a favorable match-up in the fight phase. Keep in mind weapons that trigger on to-wound rolls of 6s when selecting targets for these two powers.

Empower: Add 1 to a target unit’s to-wound rolls in the Fight phase.

Enervate: Target unit must subtract 1 from all wound rolls made in the Fight phase.




What do you think of the Runes of Battle? Are you ready for the Psychic Onslaught that the Eldar will be bringing to the table.

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