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Astra Militarum FAQ, Imperial Gunboat, Eldar Review & BIG Warmachine News

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Oct 23 2017

It’s been a HOT gamer weekend for news. We have 30K Rulebooks, new Eldar, X-Wing, minis, and nerfed Commissars!

Warhammer Quest 2: End Times Arrives

Fight back the tides of Chaos, adventure in the dungeons of the Old World, and gain some loot today.

X-Wing: Alpha-Class Star Wing Preview

Sometimes you just need to bring some extra firepower to the dogfight and the Alpha-class Star Wing delivers!

30K: Horus Heresy “Gone Printing”

This isn’t a fisherman’s tall tale – The Horus Heresy Rulebook has gone to the printers!

Privateer Press: Reeling In The Big Ones With Black Anchor Heavy Industries

Privateer Press announces a new line of large-scale, direct-order-only models that’ll help bring those truly behemoth models straight to your tabletop.

GW: New Releases Oct 21 “Pricing & Links”

The Eldar Craftworlds are here – come see what else Games Workshop has out this weekend for Pre-Order!

Codex Craftworld Eldar is Here – Look Inside

The Craftworld Codex has crept through the Webway and into our offices. Take a look inside–it’ll be featured all week starting now.

40K: New Astra Militarum FAQ – Commisars and Ogryn Tweaked, Russes for All

Another Codex, another FAQ. Commisars get nerfed and the new and improved Leman Russ is widely available.


  • 40K Lore: The Doom of Malan'Tai