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40K: Eldar Psychic Powers Part 2 – Runes of Fate

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Oct 24 2017

Gather ’round. The Eldar have cast the Runes of Fate – behold what they have shown us! It’s Part 2 of the Eldar Psychic Powers!

Yesterday we covered the Runes of Battle and what really made the Eldar Powers Unique. Today we’re taking a look at the rest of the Eldar Psychic Powers with the Runes of Fate!


Guide is back and it does more of the same as previous editions. It grants your target unit a re-roll for your ranged weapons. This is a classic power for a reason folks.


Oh Doom, you’re my back again! Another classic that pairs perfectly with Guide. Re-roll hits and Re-roll wounds – I mean, it’s the peanut-butter/chocolate combo the Eldar have been doing for how many editions now? I would like to mention that Doom also effects close-combat weapons as well – it lasts until your next Psychic phase! Also, I’m pretty sure both Doom and Guide would ALSO apply during any Overwatch shots…Just sayin.


Fortune is back, too! Unfortunately it’s different these days. You no longer re-roll failed armor saves, you instead get a 5+ “Feel No Pain” save that does NOT stack with similar abilities. So this one is a mixed bag and more situational now than it was before. Some units will really benefit from a 5+ FNP save, other…not so much.



Executioner is basically an upgraded Smite. The warp charge value is 7 but if it goes off and you happen to kill a model in the target unit, you get an ADDITIONAL D3 wounds. Seems worth it to me – especially in matched play. Get some extra damage and you can still Smite.

Will of Asuryan

The Will of Asuryan is another unit buffing ability. However the target is the Psyker themselves. First off, any friendly Asuryani units within 6″ the auto-pass Morale tests. That seems nice. But you also get +1 to all Deny the Witch Tests you make for the Psyker until your next Psychic phase. That lone Psyker is now the beacon of the Will of Asuryan – and all his buddies know it.

Mind War

Mind War, yet another classic power is back once again to crush your enemies in a battle of WILL! This one targets Characters which is a big deal and as long as you’ve got a leg on on your leadership you have the potential to really do a number on their wounds. Now, I know a lot of folks might see this power and think “well that’s not that useful everyone is about the same leadership” – and yes, that’s a good point. If only the Eldar had ways to lower unit’s Leadership values…


Hemlock Pilot: Requesting permission to buzz the enemy.


A Hemlock also has access to Embolden/Horrify which could be an additional -1…Going into a Mind War with a +3 over your opponent seems like the odds are now in your favor. Worst case is that they tie or beat you, which means nothing happens. But if you roll well…


That’s it for this look at the Runes of Fate Psychic Powers from the Eldar – What powers/combos are you excited to try out?

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