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40K: GW Hints At The Next Codex…

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Oct 9 2017
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Or they’re asking about Craftworlds as a red herring…but it seems like awfully convenient timing.

Alright gang, time to pull out the tin foil hats and read the internet comments. Well. Read into the internet comments–much like the sun, you should never look directly at them or you’ll burn out your retinas and get skin cancer. But! Sometimes they can help you tell which way the wind is blowing–and right now it seems like Craftworld Eldar are blowing our way soon. Case in point, yesterday the Official Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page posted up this photo/poll:


Now, ordinarily that would just be an excuse to talk about which space Aeioulves are the best, and why Craftworld Alaitoc is better than Craftworld Ulthwe, but at least none of them are Biel-Tan. Bunch of hipsters. They probably don’t even like all that “music” they listen to and pretend to understand. BUT this particular question comes at a very curious time.

Sure, it comes in that lull between releases and could just be a simply ploy to garner that sweet sweet “community engagement” OR it’s a sign of things to come. Because it also comes hot on the heels of the release of the Astra Militarum Codex–and at a time when we know the next two releases are the Tyranid and Craftworld Eldar (emphasis mine). Now this definitely is might be reading too much into a simple Facebook post, but it seems like a pretty good indicator of what we might expect to see next.

If so, that’s good news for Tyranid players, it means there’s a chance that they’ll get some sweet sweet new models, which, if we’re being honest, we could use some new bugs. They need a little TLC to keep hanging out–plus GW’s been on a very Organic kick lately with their new releases. Really the only difference between that Plagueburst Crawler or Foetid Blight Drones and some Tyranid grossness is the surprisingly low number of limbs and teeth–the Death Guard do try though so we can’t be too hard on them.


At any rate, this kind of stealth/test-the-waters reveal is VERY MUCH in keeping with GW’s style of quietly releasing new stuff and then turning around with the big announcement an eternity a few days later. Remember the time we got a new Thunderhawk model teased in the background of a picture earlier this year?

Was this only in February? It seems like three years ago.

So it certainly feels like the Pointy-eared Cheaters Craftworld Eldar are going to be next in line for their Codex. Then again…it could all be a sneaky ploy so the Four-Armed Emperor can rescue us all from our oppressors without riling the populace.

What do you think we’re seeing next?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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