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40K Lore: Identify These Astra Militarum Vehicles

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Oct 4 2017

Just how well do you know the Astra Militarum armoury?  Find out Loremasters.

Today we are going to give you a set of Astra Militarum vehicles from across the history of 40K. Your job is to identify them.  We will start easy and get harder.  You can click on each vehicle title to see the correct answer. No Cheating.

Vehicle #1

This rugged and dependable tank has been used for centuries and while fundamental changes in construction and appearance have occurred its capabilities have changed very little, able to operate in a variety of environments and withstand enemy fire while delivering powerful tank-killing blows.


Vehicle #2

A robust vehicle which holds ten soldiers and can bear a wide array of heavy weapons. The vehicles thick armored plates, quad tracks, and supercharged engine allow it to go nearly anywhere, hurtling across ruined cities and rubble-strewn wastelands with equal speed.

Vehicle #3

An Imperial Guard super-heavy vehicle based on the Baneblade chassis. While based on the same STC data as the Baneblade, it is specifically armed and equipped to hunt and destroy enemy Titans.


Vehicle #4

a Super Heavy Tank named referred to as a ‘second generation’ Baneblade, fulfilling the same battlefield role. For Forge Worlds seeking to secure large military contracts but lacking the necessary STC data, or who experience a shortfall in Baneblade production, this super-heavy is a viable alternative and has become a common sight in the regiments of the Imperial Guard.

Vehicle #5

An Imperial Guard artillery vehicle based on the Chimera chassis and a cousin to the Basilisk and Medusa. It is designed to provide close to medium-range artillery support.

Vehicle #6

A heavily-armored trench warfare vehicle designed to transport a large number of troops across no man’s land. Designed specifically for this mission, the Gorgon has limited utility in other roles and is used primarily by siege regiments

Vehicle #7

A specialized Tank Hunter used by the Imperial Guard. Based on the same chassis as the Leman Russ Battle Tank the vehicle, once common among the armoured regiments of the Guard, is fast becoming a relic due to the complex nature of its primary weapon.


Vehicle #8

A heavy tank first developed on Krieg during its civil war to meet the specific challenges of the time. A tank that didn’t need to be fast, as long as it could traverse treacherous terrain, nor one with long range, as visibility beneath the pollution-clouded skies of Krieg was short, but most importantly as simple to construct as possible.

Vehicle #9

A self-propelled artillery vehicle of the Imperial Guard. Heavily armored and armed with two Earthshaker Cannons, this highly-durable vehicle is intended to operate in the heart of combat, providing fire support while under threat from the enemy’s guns and redeploying under its own power.

Vehicle #10

A burrowing vehicle used by the Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperial Guard. Larger then both the Termite and Mole, it uses a phase-field generator to burrow a drill filled with troops into the ground, allowing them to surface behind or on the flanks of enemy fortifications and positions.


~How well did you do?

Author: Larry Vela
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