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40K: The Rangers Return – Alaitoc Craftworld Focus

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Oct 20 2017
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You can’t touch these Rangers – The Alaitoc Craftworld is coming into focus with this new preview from Games Workshop!

Alaitoc is a Craftworld that is known for it’s Rangers, first and foremost. They produce the best stalkers and snipers out of all the other Craftworlds. They guide their allies with stealth and can avoid the enemy or help create the ideal ambush. Today, we’re going to take a look at their Attribute and see what else these sneaky Eldar bring to the table.

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Alaitoc Attribute: Fieldcraft

Plain and simple! We’ve seen this type of ability before and it’s still just as devastating as the other versions. Now, your fragile units that tend to stay back will have some extra protection from the enemy’s return fire. This combines with the Ranger’s natural abilities very nicely. GW has this to say about the Rangers of Alaitoc:

Now a mere 12 points a model (down from 20!) they’re a steal, while combining their cameleoline cloaks with the Alaitoc attribute means that most units will be hitting them on 4s, 5s and 6s.

Not only are they cheaper, but that -1 to hit rolls really adds up. Now, based on that quote, we’re a little fuzzy on what GW meant about their cameleoline cloaks. However, here are the rules for them from the Index:


Index Rules – May not be the final Codex Rules

If the Cloaks remain the same (it’s unclear if they are), that means Marines are only hitting Alaitoc Rangers on a 5+ normally. On top of that, they’ll get a bonus to their cover saves making them even tougher to dislodge from terrain or an objective. And that isn’t the last dirty trick either. If your Alaitoc Rangers are about to get blown out of the water they have a pretty mean stratagem to fall back on:

With the Patherfinders stratagem, enemy units just hit them on 6s regardless of any other modifiers! You’ll still want to watch out for flamers however…

Games Workshop has also hinted at another unit that is getting some love in the new Codex – the Fire Prism!


The Fire Prism is getting a couple of new tweaks to help improve this long-range platform’s performance. First off, it’s getting Pulsed Laser Discharge:

If it moves under 1/2 speed it can shoot twice! It has to use the same profile and target the same unit both times – but that just means whatever unit it is firing at is going to have a bad day. The next boost the Fire Prism is getting is the Linked Fire Stratagem.

Multiple Fire Prisms working in concert to bring down a big target has been a thing for them for many editions. The Linked Fire stratagem is the current iteration of this. Not only does this help you bypass some LoS issues, it also grants the Fire Prisms re-rolls for failed hit and wound rolls. That’s pretty mean considering how deadly the Fire Prism can be – now it’s even more consistent. Combine that with the Pulsed Laser Discharge and most targets are going to be dead after all those shots.

If you’re wanting to build an Eldar Army that prefers to keep your opponents at arms length and pummel them from range, the Alaitoc Craftworld might be for you! Pre-orders for Codex Eldar Craftworlds are going up this weekend!


What do you think of the Alaitoc’s ability? Are you ready to face the Eldar on the tabletop? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Author: Adam Harrison
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