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Who Will Win the SoCal 40K-AoS Events and WHY?

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Oct 19 2017

The big event is almost upon us and now it’s time to check the lists over at BCP and starting placing some bets!

Now, we’re not actually betting of course, but we are calling out what we expect to do well!

Age of Sigmar:

Who do you think will take it? There are some very good Destruction, Chaos, Death and Order players coming to the event. I think personally that we will see a Destruction army cause some upset and win a GT! Not the least because the top ITC player, Sam Valdez, will be piloting them. However, it is anyone’s game and I cannot wait to see who ends up on top of the heap! Can Count Vlad “the Impaler” Nica finally dethrone him?

What do you all think?

Warhammer 40k:

We’ve got quite a few Codexes out now, and of course the elephant in the room: Astra Militarum. Brandon Grant has been rocking folks with his Guard, and he is the local favorite to take it, but I know many folks are gunning for him. Chaos is still the most powerful army in my opinion and we’ve got a list of talented Chaos players longer than my arm who will all be hunting those juicy ITC points, not the least of which is pretty much all of the Rage Quit, Table Flip team! However, for my money, I am going to call it a Chaos victory. They’ve just got so many incredible tools to deal with everything in the meta right now, but we will see!

What do you all think?


Also, we will be live streaming the event! Be sure to tune in to our Twitch channel to follow the action all day Saturday and Sunday!

~Let’s see who the new kings of the meta shall be?


Author: Pablo Martinez
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