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BREAKING: Giant 40K Mystery Tank – WOW

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Oct 11 2017

We don’t have any idea what this is – but Gav Thorpe confirmed he saw it with his own eyes.


OK, right off the bat, here’s the basics:


Here’s the original shot of the vehicle from “doot” on twitter:


Gav chimes in shortly thereafter with this:


The “Mini”

  • This a quite large mini. You can estimate its scale based on the Imperial containers behind it.
  • Unknown if this is a conversion, or something massive from the GW Studio, or Forge World
  • It is painted in Red Scorpions colors.
  • The top turret looks to be related to the Sicaran in design.
  • It incorporates many elements from the Primaris Repulsor tank.
  • Gav Thorpe specifically referred to Primaris Marines when describing it.
  • It almost appears to be a Primaris hover version of a Mastodon.


~Have at it with this one folks. What do you think it is?



Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K: The Ogryn Bodyguard Wound Hyperloop