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D&D: Cavaliers, Glamorous Bards, and Dreamy Druids

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Oct 1 2017

Check it out–three more subclass previews from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. Fighters, Bards and Druids rejoice.

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything is going to be amazing. Chock full of resources to add a little more life and customization to the game, this Beholder-penned Book features updated options for every class. And here’s a look at three more, courtesy of D&D Beyond and Wizards of the Coast.

First up, the Dreamiest Druids–the Circle of Dreams.

These Druids are all about supporting the party. The Circle of Dreams connects them with that otherworldly elegance and primal power that permeates the Feywild. And they can channel this power to help their allies. In the last iteration we saw, Circle of Dreams Druids had a pool of d6s they could spend to heal an ally, while also granting temporary hit points and a movement speed buff to affected targets.

Pretty good stuff to begin with, but then factor in the teleportation that’s common to all things Feywild, and the ability to take your party through dreams across the planes, and you have the potential for all kinds of adventure.

Then there’s the College of Glamour, for all you Bards out there.


Called out with figures like Freddie Mercury in mind, this class is about dazzling beauty and personality and performance. These beguiling bards are also suffused with the power of the Fae, whether because they were whisked away as a child, learned from a Fae musician, or found some other way to tap into the enchanting power of that plane. Only they use it to manipulate, for good or ill.

In fact, if you want to see one of these Bards in action, our NeverQuest Campaign features a Glamour Bard. In their last iteration, they were all about using the glamour of the Feywild to ether charm people, or to give performances that would turn those who heard them into their biggest fans, or to help boost their allies with temporary hit points and extra movement on their turn.

And then there’s the one I’m moat excited to see in its final form: the Cavalier.

This one was lackluster in its Unearthed Arcana iterations, but it sounds like they really took that to heart. The Cavalier’s changed from this sort of watered down Battle-Master wannabe to something more like a chivalrous knight. They’re about protection and of course will still have mounted abilities, but these are extra, rather than the core of the class’ identity.

The version they talk about sounds like a ton of fun to play. I’m sure we’ll see another few subclasses over the next week or so, and even more of Xanathar’s Guide as the Extra Life fundraiser continues.

So be sure and stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, happy adventuring! 


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