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Eclipse Getting A “Perfect” Second Edition

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Oct 27 2017

The new edition will be “a serious overhaul” with release slated for 2018 once “the game has been crafted to perfection”.

Eclipse is a tile-laying, area-control, dice rolling, “4X” game set in a sci-fi theme. Since its release in 2011, Eclipse has been giving Twilight Imperium a run for its money in taking the seat as the most expansive space opera tabletop game. Publisher announced recently they are planning a second edition.


The announcement did mention a few specifics of what to expect in the new edition, including new miniatures and dice. More than anything else I’m excited for the plastic inlays. Usually a minor thing but for a game with as many parts as Eclipse, inlays would be so great. No word yet if there will be an upgrade pack for those who have fully decked out their first expansion.  It does seem a little strange to be pushing a new edition when new expansions for the first edition have come out only last year. Either way, just because there is a new edition out doesn’t mean people can’t still enjoy their fully expanded first edition. Also, Eclipse could do for a reprinting anyway. I know I haven’t seen it on my game store’s shelves in a few months.

There has been a big push recently over the entire tabletop gaming community to simplify rules and weed out some fiddly bits to games. I wonder if this is following in that line of thinking. I can fully admit that I like when a game is slightly too complicated and has lots of moving parts. Not sure why, but I do. That said, I know I’m not the standard and most people prefer streamlined games. So overall, this is probably a good direction to be going.


Eclipse: Second Dawn For The Galaxy – 2018

  • (First Edition)
  • 2 – 6 Players
  • 60 – 200 Minutes
  • Ages 14+

Do you think this is too soon for a new edition when perhaps a massive errata could have done the trick?


Author: Matt Sall
  • Privateer: Company of Iron Ships