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Eldar Are Next – Here’s What The Craftworlds Need

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Oct 16 2017

GW has announced Eldar are coming next week.  Here’s what we think the Craftworlders most need:

Cheaper Dire Avengers

The most common foot soldiers of the Craftworld army are WAY to expensive.  17pts a model is a non-starter.  They are costed well with Power Level at 3 for a 5-avenger unit, but the points need to come way down. Probably at least 25%

Crimson Hunter

This one isn’t so much that the Cromson Hunter is bad – as that the Hemlock is CRAZY GOOD. I’m torn as the Crimson Hunter can blow stuff out of the sky, but for the price I’d rather just go for the Psychic auto-hitting S:10 heavy D-Sycthe awesomeness that is the Hemlock. It might need a neutering.

Night Spinners

I can’t remember the last time I saw one on the tabletop.  It’s been a while. They are a bit niche and with the all-rounder Falcon around – it’s hard to compete. I’d either up it’s firepower based on the target unit size (like the Leviathan Dread’s Grav-flux bombard), or maybe even give it a small transport capacity (say 4-6ish).  it looks so cool – but is crowded out by it’s stablemates.


Guardian Defenders

A holdover from the pre-8th edition philosophy of units with 90% of the dudes holding crappy weapons to support the 1 that matters. Seeing as the 12″ Shuriken Catapults get very few rounds of fire before the unit is killed or in assault these units need something. They often sit back the entire game “defending” the heavy weapon platform, so a defensive shield upgrade option might better fit their role – similar to how T’au Fire Warriors got that drone turret to buff their utility in their last update.



So GW already has a mini for this unit and giving Craftworld Eldar a Tech-marine equivalent would be pretty cool.  I’d try him out!

~What makes your list of what the Craftworlders most need?

Author: Larry Vela
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