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Geekery: A New Look at ‘Godzilla – Planet of the Monsters’

Oct 25 2017

The King of Monsters is back in this new sci-fi anime.

Netflix announced a ton of new anime titles in August, which included Godzilla’s animated debut – Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters. There’s a new Japanese trailer out that has some nice visuals…

The story is set 20,000 years after Godzilla and the Kaiju drove humanity to the stars. A band of the survivor’s descendants gather together to reclaim their home world from the powerful Kaiju when the planet they’re on becomes uninhabitable. There’s a weird time warp in humanity’s timeline that has given Godzilla the edge in the battle. This promises to not be the typical Godzilla flick – and the trailer makes that pretty clear.

It premiers in Japan next month, and is due to hit Netflix next year.


Are you in for this epic battle?

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