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Grymkin Warbeasts: Cage Rager – Skin & Moans

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Oct 19 2017

Today we look at the 2 heavies of the Grymkin faction.  Check out these large bases bullies and the evil they can spread.

The Heavies of Grymkin!

Grykmkin are out of the cage and they are Arcana’ing their way through the tournament scene.  Today we highlight the Cage Rager, a high armor heavy with the ability to arc spells, and the Skin and Moans, a melee heavy with a taste for corpses.  These 2 heavies  grant the Grymkin a majority of their hitting power.  Lets dive in!


The Cage Rager is a slow lumbering beast at SPD4.  He hits with an ok POW17 and has a multitude of special rules.  As the primary way to arc spells in the faction and a cheap point cost at 14 he will be in most lists.  If you are looking for an easy way to kill the Cage Rage be sure to bring some high POW weapons because it has ARM19 and a chunk load of boxes.

  • Wraith Bane:  The Animus of the Cage Rager is useful to get around things like arcane shield and defenders ward.
  • Arcane Vortex: If you have a spare corpse token you can negate nearby spells.
  • Bone Picker: Killing bodies gets you corpse tokens
  • Grave Secrets: Spend a corpse token to upkeep a spell.
  • Rattle Bones: As long as 1 corpse token you can channel spells through this guy.

The second heavy of Grymkin is Skin and Moans.  A favorite of mine in a Child list for its SPD, DEF, and with a few corpses its hitting power!  The Skin and Moans is the more hitty of the 2 heavies and is probably the more reliable when needing to kill an enemy. While its base SPD5 and POW16 are nothing much to write about on first glance, it gets better with corpses.  The base DEF of 13 is big and can mean MAT/RAT6 won’t always get the job done.

  • Lurker: a cheap animus that can be used to get pathfinder.
  • Bone Picker: He’s a corpse collector!
  • Death Feast: Can remove d3 damage for a corpse token.  This can be a big deal for order of activation if the mind or body is out and your warlock needs to go later in the turn.
  • Death-Powered: Gains +1/+1 STR/ARM for each corpse token.  Meaning that skin and Moans can be hitting at POW19!

Remember to concentrate damage vs Grymkin warbeasts.  The Arcana “Sacrifice” can ruin your day if you spread your damage.

What do you think of the Grymkin heavies?  Please share your opinions below!



Author: Revenant
  • Privateer Press: Grymkin Units Part 1