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Toyland: Ladies of Horror Pop Funkos

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Oct 6 2017

Pop! Funko bring the fright with new additions to the Pop! Horror lineup featuring famous female freaky folk.

Funko has become a staple for collectors and they are always adding new figures to their collection. They recently added new figures to their Horror series, just in time for Halloween!

First on our list is Annabelle, the possessed doll from The Conjuring. Dolls are already creepy, they didn’t need a mascot of horror.


Norman Bates dressed as Mother comes in both a colored variant and a black and white version for added authenticity. The monochrome version is available only at FYE stores.

Tiffany from Bride of Chucky also comes in two variants: nice and clean or splattered with blood.  I think we all know which the more popular one will be.


Which horror icon would you like to see Funko release next?

Author: Matt Sall
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