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Lady Guardsmen and 4 Other Great Things in Codex AM

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Oct 2 2017

The latest Astra Militarum Codex is here and let me tell you – this ain’t your grandpappy’s IG book!

The new codex is upon us and I want to go over just a few of the gems that made me smile as I flipped through it. Now AM ringers like StableAbe and Goatboy will go over the minutiae of every last point cost but I want to step back and appreciate the big picture.

Lady Guardsmen

We’ve known they exist in the fluff and they showed up in THQ’s Space Marine.  3rd party outfits sell Female 28mm heads and they make great conversions in an AM army.  But at last GW has commissioned some female artwork of Astra Militarum Guardsmen.  No silly boob-plates or metal bikinis. These ladies are ready to take it to the enemies of the Emperor with grit.   This isn’t even the best pic of female guardsmen in the codex!


Yes it’s true – there is now a pretty solid close combat unit for the AM. The Crusaders now have the Astra Militarum keyword, their standard Stormshields, Powerswords and can use Acts of Faith.  Not too shabby.

So Many New Regiments

This is the book for conversion fans.  Finally we get to see some old chestnuts like the Savlar Chem-dogs get “official” conversions and artwork. They also threw in a bunch of easy conversions using Warhammer Fantasy, Skitarii and Genestealer Cult minis.  Maybe next time they will get doctrines as well.



Move Over Nork – Generic Ogryn BodyGuards

Yes it’s true – you too can now requisition an Ogryn bodyguard to protect your squishy AM officer.  These are quite well costed and give your important issuers of commands that extra oomph to last through the game.  Even more strangely – you can assign them to protect IG Tank Commanders!


This one has a lot of interesting uses.  Think about it…  It might even be too good.

~ Soldiers – dismissed!

Author: Larry Vela
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