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ToyLand: New Last Jedi Toys Revealed at NYCC

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Oct 9 2017

The Black Series is getting some retro additions as well as some new figs from Episode VIII.

Hasbro showed off next year’s releases at NYCC this weekend, and they look pretty dang good. They’re well detailed and you can definitely see the likenesses, especially with the faces. And there’s some interesting tech behind that. Hasbro senior designer Steve Bono explained the process in a recent interview:

This process is inkjet printing where the color is sprayed onto the face. Much like you would print a picture from a copier. They’re able to capture a lot more subtlety, a lot more color, and it’s not just one color at a time.

The process is showcased on the new 6″ figs…

Rey on Ahch-To


DJ – the Slicer played by Benicio Del Toro’s in The Last Jedi



Dengar – The Empire Strikes Back


Lando Calrissian – The Return of the Jedi



4-L.O.M. – Bounty Hunter from The Empire Strikes Back


And the 3.75″ figs…


Maz Kanata


C’Ai Threnalli




Finn & Captain Phasma 2-pack


Will you be adding any of these to your collection?

Author: Mars Garrett
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