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40K RUMORS: Chapter Approved 2017 Point Changes

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Nov 8 2017
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There’s a new set of rumored point value changes for Chapter Approved 2017. Take a look at the fruits of the rumor-tree.

We know that Chapter Approved is coming this December and we have been hearing for months that it will contain the folloiwng, so no big surprise here:

  • New Rules for the three modes of play
  • Vehicle Construction Rules (basic ones)
  • Point Adjustments
  • Faction rules to help put armies still using the Index books on a more equal footing with the codex armies.

Today a set of purported point values for a handful of armies has been doing the rounds.  As with all rumors, take a look, but have a skeptical eye until we start getting in multiple reports from multiple sources.


via one of Gary’s birds 11-8-2017

Updated Point Values

Codex Space Marines

Points Per Model
Aggressor 21
Chaplain in Terminator Armour 100
Drop Pod 83
Inceptor 25
Intercessor 18
Librarian 88
Librarian in Terminator 120
Razorback 70
Stalker 75
Stormraven 192
Tartaros Terminator 26
Terminator Assault 26
Terminus Ultra 250
Vindicator 125
Whirlwind 70

Assault Bolter 10
Assault Cannon 22
Assault Plasma Incinerator 17
Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets 12
Auxiliary Grenade Launcher 1
Boltstorm Gauntlet 22
Centurion Assault Launchers 3
Force Axe 10
Force Stave 8
Hurricane Bolter 10
Ironclad Assault Launchers 5
Plasma Exterminator 17
Predator Autocannon 40
Twin Assault Aannon 44



Roboute Guilliman 385
Sergeant Chronus 40

Codex Death Guard

Points per Model

Deathshroud Terminators 35
Defiler 140
Lord of Contagion 100
Noxious Blightbringer 58
Plague Marines 17
Plagueburst Crawler 100
Sorcerer Terminator 120
Tallyman 55


Blight Launcher 10
Force Axe 10
Force Stave 8
Force Sword 8
Helbrute Fist single/pair 40/50
Predator Autocannon 40

~Have at it guys and gals!


Author: Larry Vela
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