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40K: Our 5 Favorite Tyranid Stratagems

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Nov 7 2017

The Tyranids are back and we’re going over our 5 favorite stratagems from their new codex!

There are 28 stratagems to choose from in the new Tyranid Codex. It’s one of the big reasons that I think Codex Armies have an advantage over Index Armies – for now. Sure, Indexes will be replaced but in the mean time…but that’s another topic. Today, I’d like to take a look at a handful of stratagems that I think are REALLY good and players should keep these in mind when you’re playing with (or against) Tyranids. Here they are in no particular Order.

(Note: GW already showed off Three of our OTHER favorites: Feeder Tendrils, The Deepest Shadow, and Pathogenic Slime. We’re picking 5 OTHER ones to show off.)


Digestive Denial

If you’re going to play with a Shooty-Nid list, I cannot stress this one enough. You have GOT to remember to spend 2 CPs at the start of the game to remove the cover save bonus from a piece of terrain. Trust me, I forgot about this and if I remembered it at the start, I wouldn’t have been fighting such a brutal uphill battle for one of my games.

Power of the Hive Mind

Let me just say this: Always. Be. Smiting. Your Psychic Powers are pretty okay – but throw out the Smites while you can. It might not seem like much (an extra Smite at the end of the phase) but that’s D3 Mortal Wounds and if you can tag those on say some heavy armor…well, it’s worth it.

Single-Minded Annihilation


Select a Tyranids Infantry Unit and that unit can immediately shoot again. There are lots of things that could benefit from getting some extra shots, Hive Guard for one. A big batch of Warriors could benefit from another round of shooting. But my personal favorite? Devourer Guants. Pod in 20 from orbit and light something up! Or if you’re feeling like spending some CP combo it with our next pick…

Scorch Bugs

“It’s only Fleshborer Shots” you’ll say as you unleash a volley from a pack of Termagants/Gargoyles. Except those fleshborers are getting a +1 to wound. On Toughness 4, you’re wounding on 3s now. On 5-7, you’re wounding on 4s. On toughness +8, you’re wounding on 5s. That’s PRETTY mean. And Fleshborer Hives are looking like a pretty good option on Tyrannofexes now.

Voracious Appetite

What, you didn’t think I was going to leave out my Close Combat Stratagems, did you? Screamer-Killers with a Re-Roll to wound are down right terrifying. So are Hive Tyrants…that goes quadruple for the Swarmlord. But there are LOTS of Monsters that could have a really good time with this one. Haruspexes, for example, basically double dip as they get bonus attacks when they kill a model.

There are a LOT more to choose from in the book. I can’t wait to test them all out as well…I just have to remember to use them! Maybe I should pick-up a Tyranid Data Card Deck. Or make flash cards. I’ll memorize the eventually…right? Who am I kidding…better pre-order those suckers while it’s on my mind.



That’s our list for our 5 Favorite Stratagems (because I wanted to show of ones GW didn’t). Bah! I want a recount – Pathogenic Slime, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Author: Adam Harrison
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