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40K: 5 Biggest Point Changes From Chapter Approved

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Nov 25 2017

Lots of things got their points shifted and we’ve got the confirmation on some of the biggest changes in the book!

We’re still processing through all the points and rules in Chapter Approved 2017 – but we thought we’d share our picks for the BIGGEST shake-ups. Some of these are a big deal because of the unit’s popularity. Other are literally the BIGGEST shift from their starting point to their updated points. Let’s dive in!

Malefic Lord

The most dreaded Smite Spammer in the Chaos list got a points increase up-to 80 points. It’s still a cheap HQ choice but 80 points before wargear is MUCH more reasonable than the 30 points it costs before.

Roboute Guilliman

Everyone’s favorite Ultramarine Primarch did get a bump in costs, but he’s only 25 points more than he was. Clocking in a 385 points, he’s quite the investment still, but I have a feeling he’ll be able to help the rest of your army make-up that points cost. Especially with some of the other changes coming for the Space Marines…

Aetaos’Rau’Keres – The Slayers of Souls

If you never had the pleasure of facing off against this guy in a game, consider yourself lucky. This Titanic “Evil Big-Bird” can really rankle your feathers and needed a major points adjustment. He used to clock in at 700 points pre-wargear. Now, he’s more than DOUBLE the cost at 1500 points! That’s a BIG points jump no matter how you slice it.



The hits just keep coming on those poor old conscripts. They are getting a 33% increase in their base point cost! Sure, it’s only 1 more point…but still! that’s going to add up. At this point, I really can’t see a reason to take a Conscript Squad over a regular Squad…I’d rather have the consistent ability to use Orders on them even if they are technically a smaller model count unit.

Ta’unar Supremacy Armour

I hopefully don’t have to go over the amount of firepower this T’au Battlesuit on ‘roids can bring to the table. But it was fairly pricey at 755 before weapons. Well, he just got the same treatment at the Tzeentch Bird did – the Ta’unar now has a base cost of 1500 points BEFORE guns. Considering it was 55 Power Level to begin with that original point value of 755 does seem a bit low, doesn’t it?

Bonus: Primaris Marines

Most of the Primaris Marines got a reduction in points cost. For example, the Intercessors dropped from 21 points base down to 18. That’s a 30 point drop per Intercessor Squad – now that +25 point boost to Guilliman doesn’t seem so bad now, right?



There are a TON of points changes in the book and we’re still chewing through them. What’s your take on the changes above?

Author: Adam Harrison
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