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40K: 5 Matched Play Changes We NEED To See

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Nov 21 2017

There are some lumps out there in the 40K match play meta. Here’s how GW can put them to rest and improve the game for everyone.

Everyone is on pins and needles waiting to see exactly what rules changes Chapter Approved will bring.  We’ve put our heads together to come up with our Christmas wish list for 8th Edition.


Limit Smites

There has been too much wailing and gnashing of teeth for this one to get ignored. Something has to give for Smites. We’re not even sure how to truly fix Smite-spam – do you try to neuter the power itself, the ability for every Psyker to use it, or some other clever fix? We don’t have an answer for this but it needs to be addressed.

Change How Characters Are Targeted

We offered up a fix for how we’d change the targeting restrictions on Characters. With a slight tweak to the verbiage for dealing with groups of characters close together, this problem would quickly become a non-issue.

Remove Supreme Detachment As An Option for Matched Play


This shouldn’t be an option in matched play. 3-5 HQs, 0-1 Elites, and 0-1 Lords of War is super abusable. The icing on the cake is that you also get +1 Command Point for it as well. If you want to know how folks are abusing it, see change #1.


Make Battalion Detachments Mandatory for Matched Play

There are just too many shenanigans that are possible with the current completely open Detachment options.  In particular the detachments outside of the initial three Patrol, Battalion & Brigade are so flexible, it might as well be open play.  Matched Play is all about laying down a consistent set of structures to level the playing field. A lot of the craziness out there in army-construction land goes away if everyone has to take a Battalion FIRST, then add onto it.


Make Natural Rolls of 6 Always Hit

The modifier system in 8th can lead to some really odd things. For example Eldar can make it impossible for Orks to hit (Hello Alaitoc plus Lightning Fast Reflexes, and don’t get me talking about Shadow Spectres). Making “Natural 6s” always hit is a clear and simple rule that keeps the game flowing, and offers some hope to even seemingly long shot attacks.



~Chapter Approved arrives this weekend – what are you most hoping for?






Author: J.R. Zambrano
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