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40K: 5 Things From Outlanders We Can’t Wait To See

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Nov 19 2017

Outlanders will one day be coming to Necromunda. This will be amazing and here’s why.

Necromunda Underhive is here. We’ve been talking about it over the last week or so, but one thing that we haven’t really had too much chance to talk about is the absolute insanity that will be unleashed when they finally getting around to making good on their promise to bring Outlanders to the modern era. This book, if you’ve never had the pleasure of feasting your eyes upon it, is everything good about the world and Necromunda wrapped up in one. If Gang War is the supplement you would pick up to make Necromunda Underhive complete, then, Outlander is the book you pick up to make your life worthwhile.


There’s so much to love about this book–its rules for making life harder and for new equipment, hirelings, and so on–these add so much depth to the game, they make consequences interesting, and offer up so many different kinds of wacky, yet also grimdark trouble to get into. It’s the spirit of the game, really–there’s ratskins, and wyrds, and bounty hunters, and the whole thing is this larger than life, over-the-top pile of fun.

I hope they keep it intact when they bring out the new version. Here’s a few things we’re really excited to see:

One of the things that Outlanders added was the ability to be an Outlaw gang. You got kicked out from the noble houses, and end up losing your territory and so on, basically having to fight their way back to the top without the support–but they have some special abilities as well. If you like your gangs to be a little orkier, you definitely want the Outlaws.


Of course, with Outlaws come bounty hunters. And this was one of my favorite rules. You can basically get some extra money for fighting outlaw gangs, and since we’ve seen some of those swanky bounty hunters released, I’m hoping they get a little more expanded type rules here.

And, since we’ve got Bounty Hunters we may as well talk about their fancy equipment. Things like:

Archaeotech. This is something that anyone can uncover, actually, but it adds just that extra level of ‘things to do while exploring the Hive’ and that’s what really makes Outlander stand out. It adds life to this world.


Speaking of life to the world–we’ve got the second best thing about Outlanders: Ratskins. They are a pretty cool faction, they garb themselves in giant rat skins and command rat skeletons–what’s not to love? But if we want to talk about the single greatest thing in Outlander, it has to be:

Ooh, close. Molten Man here is mostly on fire. I mean, he’s a wyrd who can set everything (including himself) on fire. But, there are times when he is not on fire, because his power is limited.

But. Klovis the Redeemer here is always on fire. He is never not on fire. Scourging, and purging, he makes an appearance as part of the Redeemer faction, and–well here, I’ll let him speak for himself.

He knows how to make someone repent. And how to show mercy!

There you have it. All that’s left to do now is wait.


And also repent, I suppose.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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