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40K: GW’s Surprise Eldar FAQ & More

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Nov 16 2017

Games Workshop drops a new FAQ website with some surprise FAQs and clarifications!

The Warhammer Community just turned 1 today (Happy Birthday to them!) and with that they brought the presents out for the rest of us. Included in that post was a link to their new FAQ page for all their systems. Poking around on the 40k page, we spotted THREE new FAQ Sections that had all been updated this month:

via Warhammer Community


Download Index: Xenos 1 FAQ

Download Designer’s Commentary

Download Codex: Craftworlds FAQ



These FAQs aren’t super long but there were some interesting details that folks might have missed. Here are few that we found interesting:

From the Designer’s Commentary:

This handy chart helps to clarify those “missing” Index units – looking at you Tyranid Shrikes.

From Index: Xenos 1 FAQ:

That last sentence might just sting a little bit…


From the Eldar FAQ:

Dark Reapers just became the deadliest Anti-Assassin unit in the game!

Well that clears that question up! We were wondering about the Warlord Trait…

But you still can’t give him “Relics” from their armory.


There are a few other interesting rulings in the Eldar FAQ – so go pop over and check it out for yourself!



I always thought his he was named Avatar…you know, like that bald kid!

Author: Adam Harrison
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