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40K: Holiday Bundle-Deal Break-Down

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Nov 20 2017
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The Games Workshop Christmas Battleforce Bundles have been announced – let’s take a look at each one and see what kind of savings you can expect!

The Christmas Battleforce deals are BACK and we’re going to take a dive into each up one to see what the savings will be. How do we know? Well a couple weeks back we did see the price for each was going to be $170. So let’s get started!


Ghostkeel $75

2 x Stealth Suit Squads ($27 each) $54

Three Crisis Suits $75

Coldstar Commander $50

MSRP Total: $254


Bundle Deal: $170

~33% Discount


Leman Russ $49.50

Chimera $37.25

Sentinel $30


Ogryns $47

Command Squad $25

2 x Cadian Shock Troops ($29 each)

MSRP Total: $271.75

Bundle Deal: $170

~37% Discount




Bloodcoven $60

Acolyte Hybrids $40

Neophyte Hybrids $40

Goliath Rockgrinder $60

Hybrid Squad $45

MSRP Total: $245

Bundle Deal: $170

~31% Discount




Warbiker Mob $41.25

Battlewagon $66

Trukk $37.25

Lootas $25

Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun $37

Ork Boyz $29

MSRP Total: $235.50

Bundle Deal: $170

~28% Discount


It’s clear to see that the Astra Militarum has the biggest discount. I’m a little surprised to see the Ork discount being the cheapest however. If they had another box of boys in that box it would have been a pretty great starter army. And it still would have been “cheaper” for GW than the AM box!

For new players looking to start any of these armies, or vets looking to expand, these are all pretty solid options. You’ll probably end up using most (if not all) of these units in your future army. There is *maybe* one unit per box you don’t really need…but with those discounts it’s hard to argue against it.


What do you think of these bundles? Are they worth the savings? Are you tempted to start a new army or expand your current one?

Author: Adam Harrison
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