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Chapter Approved Imminent, Apocalypse & VDR Teasers, D&D plus Cygnar

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Nov 20 2017

It was a busy weekend gamers from 40K, to Warmachine, D&D to FFG. Get in here and take a look:

40K: Coming Next Week!

Check out Next Week’s new releases from GW. Start Collecting, Chapter Approved and more…

PP: Trenchers Dig In for Reinforcements

Looks like the Trenchers are getting reinforced. So dig in and check them out.

40K: Chapter Approved – Apocalyptic Update

Chapter Approved is coming, and Apocalypse is back. It’s time to bring the big guns.

40K: 5 Things From Outlanders We Can’t Wait To See

Outlanders will one day be coming to Necromunda. This will be amazing and here’s why.

Runewars: Uthuk Y’llan Infantry Command Preview

The Brutal Uthuk Y’llan are not without competent leaders. Just don’t cross them…Come check out their Commanders!

40K: Codex Chaos Daemons – Bring Back Slaanesh

It’s been a long time in the making – Games Workshop, unleash the real rockers of 40k with Codex Chaos Daemons!

D&D: Dice, Camera, Action with Chris Perkins

Come adventure with this week’s live play through of Tomb of Annihilation – Episode 68


40K: Chapter Approved – Vehicle Design Rules Teased

Games Workshop shows off a preview of how the Vehicle Design Rules are going to work – using the Land Raider!

~You’re all caught up – onto the new week.

Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K: Chapter Approved - Apocalyptic Update