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40K Lore: The Emperor Protects!

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Nov 19 2017

Never despair, Loremasters, even when things should seem the darkest, our Emperor protects us all.

Greetings Loremasters. Today seems a little brighter. The sun is shining, the administorum has sent out updated firmware for our servo-skulls, and the Emperor stirs, bringing salvation to all whom are deemed worthy of it. Today’s lecture then is meant to buoy up the spirits–after all, last week we learnt that Tyranids can bring a sort of psychic despair with them whenever they assault a world–let’s show Johnny Six-Legs that the good citizens of the Imperium aren’t the sort to just take things lying down.

No sir. We shall stand up and fight, and know that the benevolence of our Emperor is at our backs, shielding us from the swarm–and indeed all other threats in the Galaxy.

The Emperor protects us in myriad ways. We are, of course, not worthy of such benevolence, but must strive towards it in all aspects of our lives nonetheless. One of the chief methods the Emperor has of protecting his chosen peoples are the Battle Brothers known to so many around the Galaxy. This brood of genetically superior warriors is  are stronger and hardier than Humans, able to withstand even the most hostile environments unprotected, including hard vacuum, and are capable of living for centuries. They are a highly intelligent species with a disproportionately large and adaptive brain that is housed in a bulbous head. They combine extraordinary intelligence and subtlety of mind with remarkable strength and quickness of body.

Now these Warriors are, obviously, bipedal and can be recognized by their signature crouch–the dense musculature of the creatures blends with their powerful jaws which allow for an incredible bite, capable of tearing through armor. Beyond that, of course, there are other traits known about Battle Brothers. There’s the specialized organs they’ve developed. One such is a hyper-attuned olfactory organ, linked at its base to the rear of their palate, combining their scent and taste for possible use as a sophisticated air-analysis method. They also display respiratory gill systems along the dermis/valves between their fused exo-ribs. This system is then somehow linked to breathing holes on their limbs and cranium.

The Emperor’s Finest fighting off enemies of the Imperium


It has been hypothesised that these traits manifest depending on the particular planet the Battle Brothers are created on; but this theory has been disregarded by some experts, citing that the traits are more likely different adaptations, meant to fit a given obstacle that a given brood of warriors will face on a regular basis.

And then of course there are the superior warriors even to those–the new batch of battle brothers meant to come to the aid of those who have been cut off by the Cicatrix Maledictum. They are created in great bio-factories and birthing vats, enhanced thanks to the technology only recently discovered.  Not polluted or altered by “inferior” genetic material, they are markedly stronger and faster than a normal battle brother and possess a wider variety of adaptive biomorphs. This is intentional, as the Primaris are the creatures to which all other battle brothers aspire, and even a single primaris brother can create a vast brood from a local population given time and enough raw material.

Then of course there’s the other methods by which the Emperor protects us all. There’s his significant psychic might, which allows him to sense the thoughts of others and control his subjects even across the Warp. It lets him know where we dream and helps him guide our thoughts and deeds–he is a beacon to us all. A beacon that we must call out to with our chants and hymns and prayers.

Yes, the Emperor is indeed our Patriarch, his mercy and blessings are spread throughout the world. As the first among Men, all of his children are psychically linked through the Emperor, which helps to explain his abnormally high level of intelligence. Over time, he has become a very powerful psyker; growing in size and strength. A Patriarch in every sense of the word.

I’ve seen him in my dreams–twice the height of a Space Marine and with strength enough to slice an Ogryn into bloody chunks, a shining example of tooth and claw. In a flurry of whipping limbs and diamond-hard talons the Emperor can tear through platoons of heavily armoured warriors and even light vehicles. The uncanny powers of the Emperor make him a fearsome foe, but a benevolent master. When we all may dream of the Four-Armed Emperor, we shall know his approach is nigh. In the meantime, I must report back to the Magus–there will be a special prayer session later to join in praise of the four-armed emperor.

Attendance is mandatory.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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