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40K RUMORS: The Narrative Moves Forward

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Nov 6 2017

There’s talk out there on what GW is planning to recapture the magic of this year’s Gathering Storm series.

This year saw the Gathering Storm three part series pull 40K forward kicking and screaming. Cadia blew up, Biel-Tan got fractured, A new Eldar god rose, Guilliman woke up from a very, very long nap.  It was awesome and each book was accompanied by a “triumvirate boxed set” that game us awesome character minis, both old and new.

We got all of this at the very tail end of Warhammer 40k’s 7th Edition, but while the rules’s didn’t last the narrative and the minis did – dovetailing right into 8th Edition.

Industry professionals tell BoLS to look for something along the same lines in the near future.

  • There will be a new narrative-campaign book coming shortly.
  • It will be accompanied by a triumvirate set.
  • The contents will be a Primarch – Lion El’Jonson
  • A existing Blood Angel character
  • A new character

This sounds very similar to the Triumvirate of the Primarch set which included

  • Guilliman
  • Cypher
  • that grey knight dude… Grandmaster Whatshisface

Things we don’t know.


Only 1 book was described but based on GW’s pattern for Q1 of this year It’s hard to believe they wouldn’t want to knock out another trilogy.

There are obvious tie-ins and low hanging fruit left over from the first Gathering Storm trilogy that fit into the just announced upcoming codexes like a glove.  For example, we know Fulgrim has multiple appearances and speaking parts in Gathering storm. He’s an obvious choice for the next Chaos Primarch. GW just announced that Codex Chaos Deamons will be the first codex of 2018.  Interesting…  For that matter there has been talk of a plastic Great Unclean One and a possible Keeper of Secrets for well over a year too. Again the potential for one/both of those to make a grand entrance right around the time both a new 2018 narrative arc and a Chaos Daemon codex is coming seems like match made in heaven.

My biggest question about Lion El Jonson isn’t what would happen upon his return (he can just wake up Snow White style – full of righteous fury and scurrying Watchers in the Dark) – but what his rules would be?  He’s kind of vague in the rules department compared to the other Primarchs and I have no idea what GW would give him to make the Dark Angels unique. He’s one of the primarchs who didn’t do all that much during the Heresy – half Tarzan, half King Arthur.

Put me down for rerolls to hit on all Dark Angels plasma weapons on the tabletop, and no gets hot. 🙂


~Have at it.


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