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Cygnar Trencher Express Team and Anson Hitch 101

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Nov 28 2017

Cygnar has some trencher love hitting the shelves.  Lets check out the Express Team and Anson Hitch!


Express Team:

The express team is a new weapon crew for Cygnar.  It has a nasty gun that is RNG 14″ with POW 14, Thunderbolt, and Grievous Wounds.  It is a big investment at 5 points but definitely packs a punch! One of the coolest things about this is the gun is toted around by a giant Ogryn so it is still relatively fast compared to other weapon crews.

This weapon crew really can benefit from a lot of in faction synergies.  Whether it is Haley2’s Temporal Acceleration spell giving it an additional shot and extra movement for increased threat range to hit the enemy.  Or a Trencher Artillery Captain that can give it additional shot it really makes the piece strong to have on the board.


Anson Hitch is a support solo for Trenchers.  He gives the Trenchers a little more flexibility on the field with special orders he can yell out to units close to him.  Anson himself isn’t anything special to write home about but, the abilities he gives out can make the 4 point investment worthwhile.


Anson Hitch:

Anson gives out the following Battle Plans to fellow trenchers.

Press the Advance:  Swift Hunter can mean Trenchers can stay out of harms way after delivering a decisive blow to the enemy.

Target Priority: Trencher infantry with Combined Range Attacks can get their shots really accurate with this useful buff.

Tenacity:  All Trenchers have tough , so if you are fighting a lot of ranged attacks Hitch can keep models that get knocked down safe from easy snipes by the enemy.

List Synergies:

Here is a list that can get a lot of use out of both the Express Team and Anson Hitch! Stryker 2 gives the teams some moderate ranged defense, extended threat with the feat, and decent hitting power with positive charge on a jack near the trenchers!!!

Cygnar Army – 74 / 75 points
[Theme] Gravediggers


(Stryker 2) Lord Commander Stryker [+28]
– Defender [16]
– Defender [16]
– Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator [4]
Captain Maxwell Finn [0(6)]
Commander Anson Hitch [4]
Patrol Dog [2]
Trencher Master Gunner [4]
Trencher Master Gunner [4]
Trencher Cannon Crew [0(6)]
Trencher Cannon Crew [0(6)]
Trencher Commandos (max) [15]
Trencher Express Team [5]
Trencher Express Team [5]
Trencher Infantry (max) [16]
– Trencher Infantry Officer & Sniper [5]
– Trencher Infantry Rifle Grenadier (3) [6]


The Express Team is a great new nasty weapon for Cygnar and definitely you should consider how powerful an addition it can be to your swan list.  If you like crazy interactions or ideas Hitch can really pull off some shennanigans with the right amount of trenchers!


~What do you think of these new additions to Cygnar? Please share in the comments below!

Author: Revenant
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