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Geekery: Boston Dynamics Shows Off New Robot Overlords

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Nov 18 2017

Boston Dynamics has made some giant strides in the last year – these robots are awesome and terrifying.

The company was bought from Google by Softbank earlier this year. There haven’t been a bunch of public updates since the sale until this week. These improvements in SpotMini and Atlas are awesome or terrifying depending on your outlook on the impending robot apocalypse.

Last year they showed off a giraffe neck version of this bot loading dishwasher, and helping round a mock up house. Spotmini has since gotten a new outer shell, an upgrade that’s made its movements smoother, and lost is extended neck/head. This robot is the size of a large dog and can carry about 30 pounds. It’s being developed as a home/office helper, so it’s super quiet.

They are working hard to make this little guy cute and friendly…

The bigger reveal is Atlas. Last year they demonstrated its ability to recover from falls and shoves.


That ability has evolved into jumping, spinning while jumping, doing backflips – and landing on its feet after each. This is amazing…

That’s a huge development in both hardware and software.


Where do you think these two will be in 10 years?

Author: Mars Garrett
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