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Orks Doing Well at Warzone Atlanta: Chapter Tactics #45

2 Minute Read
Nov 16 2017

Today PeteyPab interviews the top Ork player at Warzone Atlanta right after his awesome 4-1 performance.

Chapter Tactics is a 40k podcast which focuses on promoting better tactical play and situational awareness across all variations of the game.

Show Notes:

  • Click here for a link for information on downloading best coast pairings app where you can find lists for most of the events I mentioned.
  • Chapter Tactics is back! With Weekly episodes and a lot of tactical insight, this is your place for all things 40k in 8th edition.
  • Check out the last episode of Chapter Tactics here. Or, click here for a link to a full archive of all of my episodes.
  • Want more tactical information about the new edition? Check out our 8th Edition article archive to help get a leg up on the competition!

Need help with a list idea? Got a rules question? Want to talk tactics? Then email me at…

[email protected]  

Please do not send an army list in a format such as Army Builder, send them in an easy to read, typed format. Thanks!



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