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Outside the Box – November 17th

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Nov 17 2017

Hello again, this week we presents you news from Infinity, Demented Games, Fallout, SPECTRE Miniatures, Guild Ball and much more!
Studio Giraldez published new preview pictures for Infinity by Corvus Belli:

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Modiphius Entertainment announced new wave 2 miniatures for Fallout:
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The Twisted terrain range is now available from Miniature Scenery:
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SPECTRE Miniatures released new SAS teams:
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New releases are available from Victoria Miniatures:
–> New Victoria Miniatures News

Steamforged Games presents new Guild Ball previews:
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The Urkin Alchemancer and Bloodrage Urkin are now available from Demented Games:
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Fantasy Flight Games announced the Phantom II expansion pack for X-Wing:
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New Wild West Exodus releases are available from Warcradle Studios:
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Anvil Industry presents a first preview of their Dress Uniform Regiments range:
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The plastic Goblins for Oathmark and new Frostgrave characters are available from North Star Military Figures:
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Warlord Games announced a new race for Beyond the Gates of Antares:
The Japanese in Konflikt ’47 got new reinforcements:
And a preview of upcoming Dr Who companion sets:
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Hasslefree Miniatures presents new finished sculpts:
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New industrial terrain is coming from LaserCutCard:
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Puppetswar is working on new Space Elves:
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And Rubicon Models published new preview pictures:
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The crowdfunding craze is still going strong!

Battle Kiwi – Star Wars Endor Terrain
Lunesdargent Workshop – The Path of Osiris Extended : Egyptian Dungeon Game Tiles
Markus Ottenburger – Mortian Battle Tank
M&K Adventures – Fantasy Miniatures & Sculptures
Steve Jackson Games – Ogre Miniatures Set 2
Aenor Miniatures – Trolls & Goblins
Death From Above Miniatures – B.A.S.E. Modular 6mm SciFi Terrain
Comet Lord Miniatures – Legendary Monster
The Plastic Soldier Company – The Great War: French Army Expansion
Acheson Creations – Kongo Afrika
Willy Miniatures – Wood Elf Fantasy Football Team
Vanguard Miniatures – Small Scale Armies on Indiegogo

If you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily hobby news

~ Vanguard Miniatures makes me want to start Epic again!

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