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FFG: Fallout The Board Game: Choose Your Wastlander

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Nov 16 2017

The Wasteland is a dangerous place but some folks are Survivors – let’s take a look at them!

Fallout: The Board Game is coming soon from Fantasy Flight Games and will take 1-4 players on a journey through the Post-Nuclear Wastland. The game itself has a run-time of roughly 2 to 4 hours – it’s a hefty gaming session. So before you jump in, you might as well hear about the roles your about to assume on your trip. Plus, FFG has also teased some of the systems and perks along the way. So pop some Rad-X and let’s get this party started!

via Fantasy Flight Games

The Vault Dweller

Some folks were Lucky and made it into their Vault when the bombs started falling. You’re one of those Vault Dwellers. Perhaps you grew up in the Vault – it’s all you’ve ever known. Or perhaps you were cryogenically frozen and have survived in stasis only to wake up in this hellish-wasteland. All you know now is that you’ve got to leave the safety of your Vault in search of what’s out there – perhaps you need to find a G.E.C.K. or a new Waterchip – or maybe you just wanted to search for other survivors and see what’s become of the world above ground.

Vault Dwellers starting stat is Luck and they also come with the very handy Vault Suit. Not only does this give you a re-roll during an endurance test and grant you a point of armor, but you can also wear another piece of apparel over it as well combining their benefits together!

The Wastelander

Not everyone made it into the Vaults. And some folks were left to survive in the Wasteland on their own. Some folks left their vaults after the Radioactive dust settled and were able establish some semblance of the former society. Whatever the case may be, you’re a hearty Wastelander who’s probably been living above ground for most of your life. You know how to take out a Mutant Mole Rat, but you also know how to avoid the bigger threats out there as well.


Wastelanders get a Tire Iron to start the game which gives them a reroll during a fight. Their starting stat is Agility and it will come in handy when you are ducking out on those big threats!

The Super Mutant

Super Mutants are the result of an experiment gone awry…or it went perfect depending on your views of Mad Scientists. Either way, the result of exposure to the FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus) and the rights amount of Radiation created the Super Mutant! One of the Perks of being a Super Mutant is that you’ve got Super Mutant Strength, which is your starting Stat. On top of that any time you suffer radiation, you also gain 1 XP. Hopefully folks will be able to look passed your bulky exterior and be swayed by your innate charismatic charms…who am I kidding. MUTANT SMASH!

The Ghoul

Speaking of judging a book by it’s cover, The Ghoul has got a rough start! First off, you’re Vilifed. That’s going to impact how folks interact with you. Secondly, you’ve got less heath to start than everyone else! That’s already two strikes for them and the game hasn’t even started! What’s the benefit? You heal HP when you’re exposed to Radiation! That’s right – you’re going to be one tough cookie to kill when Radiation is around. And you’ll be the best at finding it due to your starting stat of Perception.


The Brotherhood Outcast

I don’t know what you did to get kicked out of the Brotherhood of Steel, but at least you got to keep your SWEET Power Armor! Maybe you stole it and left? Maybe you had a falling-out with one of your commanders due to their hard-line stance and isolationist agenda. Whatever the reason, you’re on your own in the waste. You’re Power Armor might slow you down, but it’s going to keep you protected. I hope you’ve got a plan, and I’m sure you do thanks to your starting stat of Intelligence.



Each player starts the game with a SPECIAL Tracker which keeps track of your stats, Radiation and HPs. Each class starts with one letter already picked – you’ll also draw one randomly at the start. Whenever you have a stat test that triggers a stat you’ve got a token for you get rerolls for that test. As you overcome challenges in the Wasteland, you’ll also gain XP which you can then use to Level-up.

“Whenever you level up, you’ll draw two new S.P.E.C.I.A.L. tokens from the supply. If you have an open space that either token could fill, you can choose to take that token and gain its associated skill. However, if you draw a token you already have, you have the option to put both tokens back and select a Perk instead. Perks are powerful, one-time abilities associated with each S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skill. Well-worn Commonwealth adventurers will recognize these immediately, as they’re drawn straight from the Fallout 4 perk chart!”

Players will also start the game with an influence card. These represent goals to strive toward on your adventures. They can range from motivating you to explore to getting in good with the power-players in the waste.


No matter your class or your preferred play style, winning the game will come down to staying nimble and expanding your influence. Do you have what it takes to not only be a survivor in the Wasteland, but can you become it’s Master?

Fallout: The Board Game $59.95


Fallout is an adventure board game based on the hit video game series by Bethesda Softworks. In the game, one to four survivors will begin at the edge of an undiscovered landscape with one primary objective: to survive. Staying alive, however, is just the beginning. Players must explore the hidden map, fight ferocious enemies and build the skills of their survivor as they attempt to complete challenging quests and balance the feuding factions within the game. To win the game, players must collect influence, thereby securing their spot in a society struggling to thrive in a world forever changed. Welcome to the Wasteland.


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