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40K: Four Dirty Blood Angels Combos

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Dec 8 2017

Want to one round a Knight? Check this out.

Codex: Blood Angels is heading to store shelves this weekend and we’ve had it all week, dissecting it and playing games with it on our Twitch Channel. Today, we’re going to go over some quick and simple combos that Blood Angel players are going to want to use – and their opponents are going to want to be aware of. By no means is this a comprehensive list! These are just a few of the nasty tricks the Blood Angels can pull. So strap on your Jump Pack, rev-up you Chainsword and let’s get this Blood Angel party started!

First Turn Charge by Death Company

Death Company + Forlorn Fury + Descent of Angels

This combo is probably the BIGGEST and most obvious one in the entire book. It SCREAMS to be used by BA players with Death Company. With Jump Packs, we’re looking at a MINIMUM of 25″ + 2D6″ of charge distance. And just to be absolutely sure you can get in there let’s not forget about Descent of Angels, too.

Is it worth 4 CP to all but guarantee a 1st turn charge with 15 crazy man-men? I’ll let you decide!

Edit: We’re ruling here that you can’t use Descent of Angel on the unit because they were already on the board on the first turn. Regardless, it’s STILL a very good combo!


(There was some confusion on my part on when the “set up on the battlefield earlier in the turn” applied. The argument is: “If it’s the first turn, does that count as being set up earlier on that turn?” After thinking about it, here at BoLS we are in agreement that it’s only for units that arrived on that turn via some type of reserve rule. We’re leaving this up for discussion purposes. Have fun in the comments! )

The Knight Killer Captain!

Captain + Angels Wing + Thunder Hammer + Artisan of War + Descent of Angels + Red Rampage + Death Visions of Sanguinius

Let’s just say you don’t want to send your Death Company in by themselves. Or let’s say you’ve got an opponent that has some nasty Overwatch ability. Then you need to up your game a step with a Captain to support your Death Company.

You could use a Chaplain or Librarian in the mix, but that’s like adding salt to taste – it’s up to you. The deliver system should be pretty much the same.

The Angel’s Wing will help you absorb those nasty Overwatch shots – by completely ignoring them! AND you can re-roll the charge distance. Depending on how lucky you’re feeling you can or cannot use Descent of Angels to help with the charge distance, too. Remember, you can’t use it on both the DC and the Character on the same turn.


You’ll want to take a Thunder Hammer on the Captain – probably (Note: Chaplains and Librarians cannot take a Thunder Hammer – but they can still take their “specialty” weapons). The extra +1 damage turns your TH into a 4 damage dealing monstrosity! If you REALLY want it to be nasty, spend 1 CP on Death Visions of Sanguinius, one of the other stratagems to give the character Black Rage. That will also net them +1 attack on the charge. And if you REALLY want something to be dead, pop Red Rampage, too.

Let’s just use a Captain as the base-line here. That’s going to be 4 attacks base. 5 on the charge. +D3 attacks from Red Rampage. Captains normally hit on 2+, but have a -1 cause of the Thunder Hammer, however they can re-roll 1s to hit. He will be Str 8, but with Red Thirst, he’s also got a +1 to wound and each attack is doing 4 damage with a -3 AP. So basically, he’s got 5+D3 attacks that each do 4 damage. VS a Knight, he’s Wounding it on 3s!!! With some good rolls, you’ve got a chance to ONE-ROUND a KNIGHT!

And there are other ways to boost your odds. Toss in a Lieutenant for the re-rolls of 1 to your wound rolls. Have a Librarian toss Unleash Rage on them (although I like this better on the Death Company personally). Or heck, run a Chaplain with a Jump Pack nearby for the straight-up rerolls to misses – cause we’ve all had those days where we rolled 2s. (Note: Good call by reader Spade McTrowel – the Chaplain wouldn’t help the Captain hit better. But he would help with the Death Company. So take who you want!)

To top this all off, keep in mind this Captain is suppose to be the SUPPORT to the Death Company. If your opponent has a Knight he’s now got this Murderball to deal with AND the DC right behind them. I like those odds.

Three’s Company: Yet Another First Turn Charge Option

Death Company With Jump Packs + “Deepstrike” + Descent of Angels


Okay – so lets say that you don’t want to have your very expensive Death Company on the table on the off chance that you don’t win the roll to go first. Or let’s just say that you can do basic math and know that your opponent has fewer drops to place than you do. How do you keep your Death Company safe? Just use Jump Pack Assault and “Deepstrike” them instead. On the turn they arrive, they can still attempt to charge and to help with that use Descent of Angels.


Alternatively, if you just take two squads of Death Company (both with Jump Packs) you could do the first combo (minus Descent of Angels) and then this little gem to get TWO squads of Death Company on the board and in your opponents face – turn 1.

Why is it called Three’s Company?” Because you probably want to take a “support” hero as well. A Chaplain, Librarian, and/or a Captain (walk in to a bar JUMP PACK IN TO BATTLE) would do wonders with that. If you’re not the “risky” type, here is one more load-out for a Librarian that you might like:

The Risk Averse Librarian

Librarian + Jump Pack (Angels Wing) + Heroic Bearing + Quickening + Unleash Rage


Librarian + Jump Pack (Angels Wing) + Gift of Foresight+ Quickening + Unleash Rage

This Librarian is here to use his Psychic Powers to help your Death Company do MAXIMUM damage. His goal is to Deepstrike in (via Jump Pack) and use Quickening on himself and Unleash Rage on the Death Company.

Quickening adds 3 to your charge rolls. Angel’s Wing not only lets you “absorb” the Overwatch shots, but it also allows you to re-roll your charge distance. Oh and +D3 attacks is nice too. Why Heroic Bearing and not Artisan? It’s a personal preference thing. But Heroic Bearing will allow your DC to auto pass Morale Tests. Which could help them stick around because they WILL draw fire…


Gift of Foresight is better if you’re looking for a “tougher” Librarian. and you’ve got a 6+ “Feel No Pain” ability. Again, he’s the Risk Averse Librarian! (Note: Death Visions doesn’t work on him due to the restrictions on the Stratagem.)

I hope you enjoyed these quick and dirty combos from the Blood Angel’s book – there are more in the book which you can discover for yourself this weekend!

Author: Adam Harrison
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