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40K Lore: The Gifts of Chaos

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Dec 23 2017

Tis the season for giving and gifts…of CHAOS! Loremasters, behold the presents of the Dark Gods!

Gifts of Chaos

The Gods of Chaos sometimes bless their favoured champions with a Gift of Chaos. These rewards are many and varied in design and purpose and the following are just a selection of the many which have been created.

Gifts of Chaos are incredibly diverse in form and function. Some gifts are actual objects such as Daemon Weapons or suits of armour, some are physical mutations where the champion may gain daemonic features or other similar attributes, other forms of gift may reward the champion with a daemonic companion such as a Familiar or a Daemonic Steed, whilst other gifts may be even more esoteric – rewarding a champion with a daemonic name, for example.

Chaos Mutations

he Ruinous Powers are fickle and treacherous in nature and even their greatest champions may receive only mediocre blessings or even wholly harmful boons. Even the most strangest mutations, like additional maws, wildly coloured flesh or additional heads, are proudly carried by the champions of chaos as marks of divine favour.

  • All-consuming Hatred – champion is filled with unyielding ire and hate against everything that stands in his way.
  • Arcane Occulum – an eye of accuracy mutates into body of the champion.
  • Aura of Dark Glory – champion is protected from wordly harm by either visible or invisible forceshield.
  • Blade of Chaos – champion’s weapon of choice is infused with the power of the Warp.
  • Blademaster – champion’s blade becomes one with the wielder making him a swordsman without peer.
  • Bloated – champion’s flesh regenerates itself healing even the most mortal wounds.
  • Cerebral Cogitator – gifted one’s blood is filled with stimuli that makes him faster.
  • Cosmic Fate – champion has been touched by destiny.
  • Crystalline Body – gifted one’s flesh turns into diamond-like material.
  • Fragment of Immortality – gifted one has ability to cheat the death.
  • Gun Morph – limb of the gifted one incorporates with his gun making it more powerful.
  • Ichor Blood – champion’s blood is replaced by some deadly substance and when harmed it spurts on his enemies hurting them.
  • Icy Aura – gifted one’s body radiates unbearable cold to whomever stands nearby.
  • Lifetaker – gifted one receives an aura of aging making his foes more vulnerable.
  • Masochism – gifted one cares nought for mortal pain as he is twisted with perverse joy of agony.
  • Mechanoid – champion’s flesh incorporates itself into the armour he wears.
    • Fleshmetal – the devotee has been fusioned with his armour creating extremely hard exoskeleton.
  • Meteoric Charge – whenever gifted one charges he gets the momentum of steel bull.
  • Mind of Metal – champion cares nought of witchcraft or psychic powers aimed at him.
  • Shield of Force – champion is covered with raw energy of the Warp.
  • Strenght of the Berzerker – champion is pumped up with inhuman strenght.
  • Temporal Distortion – time around the gifted one is altered so he can move more freely.
  • Unholy Crusader – the champion becomes tireless in his quest.
  • Venomous – gifted one’s touch becomes poisonous.
  • Voice of Horus – champion’s commands aren’t to be ignored.
  • Warp Claws – champion’s claws incise the reality.
  • Warp frenzy – gifted one is filled with rage.
  • Witch-eater – champion generates an aura of retaliation against warp-spawned powers.

Artefacts of Chaos

Artefacts which alignment to any of the chaos gods is not explicitly stated.

  • Black Mace – diabolical mace which is believed to have been blessed by each daemon Primarchs. One struck by this weapon turns into decaying pile of flesh and bone while the curse itself spreads in every direction like a shockwave.
  • Burning Brand of Skalathrax – arcane flamer used by Khârn the Betrayer at Skalathrax. Even though it seems only appropriate that it is an artefact of Khorne, its powers have a Tzeentchian tint.
  • Chirurgeon – additional spidery limbs carried by Fabius Bile, created by disturbing combination of science and dark arts.
  • Dimensional Key – a key crafted from the tightbone of daemon prince. If it is pushed into the heart of a dying man it unlocks the barriers between Warp and real space.
  • Drach’nyen – an arcane daemon weapon with a bound daemon within it.
  • Flesh banner – made from living flesh, this hideous standard resembles the skin of human being that howls and screams against its bearers foes.
  • Gorechild – an ancient artifact in the form of massive chain-axe created from the teeth of mica-dragon.
  • Murder Sword – extremely powerful weapon which is believed to actually be Anathema. If treated with certain dark rituals, this sword becomes an ultimate bane against a certain foe.
  • Rod of Torment – warpforged artifact that causes unbearable agony and pain which kills even the thoughest creatures.
  • Talon of Horus – an archaic lightning claw with built-in combi-bolter. Originally the weapon of Warmaster Horus and was claimed by Abaddon the Despoiler.
  • Tyrant’s Claw – bionic limb that replaced the original arm of Huron Blackheart.
  • Warp Banner – ink black standard that works as a relay beacon to the daemonic forces of chaos that await their time in the Warp.
  • Xyclos NeedlerFabius Bile‘s heavily modified surgeon tool is designated to shoot extremely poisonous toxic darts that result in painful death.

For more specific “Gifts” of Chaos check out the Lexicanum!



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Author: Adam Harrison
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