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40K: New Factions That Should Come In 2018

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Dec 19 2017
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Will next year see the introduction of a new factions to 40K?

2018 is right around the corner folks, and that means it is time to start talking about what releases we could see next year. With all of 2017 Codices having been released people are already getting the rumor mill running about what should come next. Now as we’ve discussed, if they keep the same pace of new codex releases we could see as many as 20 new books next year. Despite that rapid release pace it is possible that not every current group will get a codex.. That being said, there is also the exciting possibility that we could get some new factions next year. Now when I say new, I don’t necessarily mean people we’ve never heard of before (like when the T’au first came out). In this case I mean either a faction that’s never had it’s own codex getting one, or a totally new faction being added to the game. Either one would help shake things up and provide for an opportunity to put out a ton of new beautiful minis. So without future ado, lets look at some factions that could, and should, get their own book.

The Fallen

There are some pretty big hints in Codex: Dark Angels that The Fallen are planning something big. Luthor has escaped from the Rock and is gather his forces to him. Moreover, the Dark Angles have apparently underestimated the strength of their wayward brothers. It is now said the Luthor has nearly a Legion worth of marines gathering. Think about that. That means something like a 100,000 or more Marines. That’s a bigger force than most of the other Traitor Legions can field. And yet so far we have only one pretty meh unit and Cypher. If these guys are going to be major players moving forward they need a better way to be represented on the table top. Giving them their own Codex could be pretty cool, since they have survived mostly intact.  Give them a lot of old 30K stuff, make some old looking models for them and bam. Moreover, keep them as having both Imperium and Chaos keywords, and really use them as something new. These guys could also be easy to produce as they could use a lot of the existing CSM and Dark Angel model range.

The Ynnari

Much like the fallen, the Ynnari are supposed to be a major development on the galactic scene. Yet they still are relegated to just three models. Sure they can pull from a number of other books, but in order to really make them a faction they need their own book. Now I still think the best way to do this is to slowly fold the other Eldar lines into the Ynnari. However even if GW choses not to do this, they still will need to come out with an standalone Ynnari book. Whether this book will just have a bunch of reprinted datesheets from other Codecies, or be totally new remains to be seen. A Codex with a ton of new hybrid units would be pretty cool.

Codex T’au Auxiliary

The T’au Empire is supposed to have a ton of client and allied races that fight with them. While the fluff talks about races like the Kroot, Vespid, Nicassar, Demiurg and even Humans, among others, being part of the Empire, only the Kroot and Vespids have rules. Sadly even the two races that have rules are kind of a joke, with some of the worst units in the game. Now the T’au already have a lot of units, and it’s clear the main T’au book should focus on the T’au themselves, and their awesome battle-suits. So lets get a whole book on the T’au Allies. Give all the allied races a few cool units. Maybe add a few more new races in. Build a true mixed species force and let the design team really play around with making new models. Not only would this create something totally new, but it would help build the T’au as a whole up. Right now any of the factions that only have access to one book are at a disadvantage. Just as Tyranids got Genestealer Cults to ally with, building the T’au up with a 2nd codex will make them a real force to be reckoned with (sorry Necrons & Orks).


The Hrud


Lurking in the background of 40K for decades are the mysterious Hrud. The Hrud are a mysterious, nocturnal, tunnel dwelling race often referred to as parasites. They may or may not be 40K’s version of Skaven. Either way, something about Hrud has caught the imagination of many 40K players, leading them to wonder about this race and how they act and fight. If GW wanted to introduce a totally new race, maybe one driven out of their home systems by the Great Rift, the Hrud would be a great race to explore and build on.

The Emperor’s Children

With the introduction of Codex: Death Guard, players of the other Traitor Legions have gained new hope that they too might get a Codex. For me the most interesting one by far would be an Emperor’s Children Codex. Fulgrim’s children seem to be one of the Legions that has deviated most from the norm, having picked up all the crazy sonic weapons and snake bodies a person could want. GW should really give them the Death Guard Treatment, give them 4-8 brand new units and some characters. Heck, we already know what their new tank should look like:


Like this, but pink, maybe some boobs – just on one side…

It really seems that if you just went all out with these guys you could make a very… special army. What can I say, I’m a sucker for pink armies and would like to see more of them!

Plenty of Options

GW has a rich setting to draw from if they want make new books. Certainly I’d like to see more than just x number of new MEQ armies out there. Still another part of me wants to see every major chapter and legion get their own book. In the end we shall just have to wait and see if 2018 will bring us something new and wonderful.

So folks, what new faction would you like to see get it’s first book in 2018? Let us know, down in the comments! 





Author: Abe Apfel
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