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40K RUMORS: Sly Marbo Rules

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Dec 22 2017
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Get in here fast Astra Militarum fans! The meanest diritest fighter of them them all has a set of rules doing the rounds.

Sly Marbo’s new mini has been sighted on stores and goes up for sale on December 26th.

Rumored Rules

Here’s the first set of rumors rules – just out:

via Dakka’s blightstar

HQ, 4 power level. Catachan, Astra, Imperium, Sly Marbo.

Str 3, t 3, 5+ armor. 2 for ws and bs, 4 wounds, cannot take Warlord Trait or take orders.

3 shot pistol that always wounds Infantry on a 2, no ap.


4 attacks, Knife always wounds on a 2 against infantry (no ap).

You can set him up for deep strike, and when he comes in, pick 1 of 3 options:

  • Shoot a unit, ignoring the Character rule until the next turn, rule calls out he specifically shoots when he arrives, and can then shoot again during the actual shooting phase.
  • Stalk with Knife, roll a d6 and move that many inches, and gain +2 attacks until the start of the next movement phase.
  • Concealed explosives, pick a unit, roll a d6, add 1 if unit has more than 10 models, -1 if it is a character. On 4+ d3 mortal wounds, 7+ d6 mortal wounds.

Fighting a Shadow: 1 / battle, at the beginning of your movement phase, if no enemy within 6 inches, Marbo goes back into deep strike, and can be redeployed the next turn. Procing his “show up” ability again.

Gains 2+ to his armor save rather than 1+ when Marbo is in cover.



“They drew first blood, not me.” ~ John Rambo

~ Not too bad!

Author: Larry Vela
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