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40K: The Warlord Traits Of The Dark Angels

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Dec 11 2017

Time to expose the secrets of the Dark Angels from the top – check out their Warlord Traits!

The Dark Angels Codex is coming to stores this weekend but we have a copy and we’re taking you through some of the juicy stuff all week long! Today, we’re focussing on the Warlord Traits of the mysterious First Legion! Let’s get this party started:

Fury of the Lion

Starting off with a BANG! Or a Punch rather… Either way, your Warlord is going to want to get into the thick of the Close Combat fighting with this Trait. Adding 1 to the Strength of all Dark Angels units within 6″ during the fight phase seems like it could be great. Especially for Deathwing and all those Power Fisticuffs they bring. Just remember, according to the BRB (under Modifying Characteristics section) it’s Multiply (or divide) and then add (or subtract) to the stats.

Courage of the First Legion

Automatically pass Morale tests when Dark Angel Units are within 12″ of your Warlord. I have a feeling this one is going to get passed on a lot considering their “chapter trait” rule Grim Resolve.


Brilliant Strategist


This one is a combination of a few things we’ve seen in the past. First off, you get a free Re-Roll once per game for any hit, wound, damage or saving throw. Not too shabby – but also nothing to write home about. However, the secondary part makes this worth considering as you get to re-coup Command Points on a 5+. Keep in mind, that the roll is NOT per Command Point spent, it’s per Stratagem used.



Okay, this one seems pretty good because it allows the Dark Angels Warlord to completely bypass the special Character Targeting restrictions. Why is that good? Well, it turns your Character into a pretty deadly sniper! That’s going to be great on a new character unit like the Ravenwing Talonmaster. That’s 18 shots that can go right at an enemy character. Every turn. (Edit: Whew! Good catch readers. My characters are now less afraid of the Talonmaster…It’s still going to be a mean unit, but not QUITE as mean.)

Oh and if you happen to need to Pile in or perform a Heroic Intervention, you can move towards the closest enemy Character too! I’m curious if that would allow you to duck OUT of combat…because I’m pretty sure you can based on the “restriction” being changed to “closest enemy character” and not “closest enemy unit.” It’s also a “can” and not a “must” so it’s the player’s choice.


Master of Manoeuvre


If you’re playing a highly aggressive Dark Angels Close Combat army, then this Warlord Trait could be pretty useful. Especially if you’re looking at Deepstriking in say a bunch of Terminators with your Warlord and want to attempt to charge things after shooting…just tossing that out there.

Stubborn Tenacity

This one is for all you “Gunline” Dark Angels out there – if your Warlord is going to park behind your guns and you want to get something extra, why not take Stubborn Tenacity. Not only is it a 6+ “Feel No Pain” save, but you also get an extra +1 to the roll if you don’t move. Bring your camping gear…



Author: Adam Harrison
  • Dark Apocrypha - Charge of the Blood Brigade