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5 Primaris Units We Need for a Standalone Army

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Dec 15 2017
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The Primaris are the future of the Space Marines – but GW needs to fill some holes in their range.

Primaris Marines are where the Space Marines are going.  They have injected a lot of excitement into the game and advanced the plot in huge ways.  GW is going out of their way to talk about Primaris only chapters and while it’s a cool idea in concept – it’s not quite there on the tabletop.

The Primaris range has lot of holes in their range where their little brothers fill the gap.  I think that we are in a “hybrid era” where the Primaris range can’t stand on it’s own, but I bet in the future we will reach a time where it will.


Here is what I think the Primaris need:

This – but chainfists…

An Assault Unit

Traditional marines have everything from Vanguard Veterans, to Assault Termys, to Centurions, to Assault Marines. The Primaris have zilch. I think the obvious choice is a new assault focussed version of Agressors with powerfists/chainfists.  It’s an easy upgrade and gets the job done.  They could be backed up with a variant of Inceptors with dual power weapons.



Hit it with a shrink-ray and you’re good to go!

A Light Transport

The Repulsor is a Land Raider Equivalent and to be honest is to big to carry the 5 man Primaris squads often fielded by players.  What the Primaris need is a Rhino/Razorback equivalent. I would envision pretty much a Repulsor scaled down about 40% with the optional turret.   Throwing on some sponsons give you a floaty Predator equivalent.


He’s going to be sad…


Yes, and you know exactly what they should look like. Scale up the existing marine bike to take a Primaris, cut off the tires and put the repulsor plates down there.  It’s almost like envisioning a narrow one-man landspeeder… I’d be ALL OVER squads of those!

Plenty of space for improvement…


You can’t have a primaris only chapter without at least one flyer. I think GW should go with this as the opportunity to do the Stormraven right.  Just redo it with a chunky rear fuselage, ditch the goofy top-turret and wobbly landing gear. Then add on Repulsor plates on the undercarriage and some heavy firepower under the wings. Probably should carry 6-12 Primaris infantry.


Like this kit – but a Primaris


The final cherry on top – should be a handful of Primaris named Characters. I think the best way to do this is a Primaris version of the old Captain kit – with lots of weapon and wargear options. Then make rules for a handful of famed Captains and Masters from the new Primaris only chapters.  You can use the kit to build any of them.

~ Then it’s just waiting for the new Primaris Codex.

Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K: Relics of The Dark Angels