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40K: Relics of The Dark Angels

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Dec 14 2017
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The Dark Angels go to battle wielding might relics from The Rock – let’s take a closer look at them!

The Sons of the Lion are packing some sweet, sweet relics when they march into battle. Weapons with proud histories, shrouded in mysteries, these tools of destruction are ideal for hunting down the Fallen – or anyone else who gets in their way!

Heavenfall Blade

The Heavenfall Blade is a Power Sword upgrade that grants the wielder +2 strength, -3 AP, D3 Damage AND one additional attack with the weapon. Seems like a pretty worthy accessory to give to a Close Combat Captain to me!


Foe-Smiter, not to be confused with Foehammer, isn’t a Sword or Hammer at all – Foe-smiter is a Storm Bolter upgrade and it spits hot death! It’s still strength 4, but with -1 AP and 2 Damage a pop, it’s another nice swap for a Captain or other character with a Storm Bolter.


Shroud of Heroes


At first, I wasn’t too impressed with this relic. It’s got a pretty creepy back-story to begin with (wear this bloody robe made of the death shrouds of the fallen heroes of our chapter!) and the ability didn’t seem to be that impressive. “-1 to get shot at? But it’s probably on a character, they can’t target them to begin with if you position them right” was my initial response. Then I re-read the ability and it’s -1 to ALL hit rolls vs the bearer. That includes Close Combat. Now you’ve got my attention…

The Eye of the Unseen

This is another piece of tech that is kind of creepy but still useful. First off, the -1 Leadership can help push the enemy unit over their “break point” and cause them to lose a model. But what’s really interesting is the effect it has on enemy character – even ones that charged! It shuts them down and makes them attack last in the Fight phase. That could be pretty powerful if you coordinate your assaults well. Forcing a big hitter to swing AFTER your Deathwing Knights and all their blunt-force trama causing weapons sounds painful!

The Lion’s Roar

Who likes Plasma! Wait, we did that joke already. Anyways, the Dark Angel relic Lion’s Roar is an upgrade for all those Combi-Plasma wielding warrior monks. It’s a nice upgrade in some ways as you’re trading 6″ of range for an Assault 2 weapon. Being able to advance and still fire two shots from the Plasma Blaster seems good…heck, so does always getting two 2 shots off with the gun. It odd that it’s an “ancient” combi-weapon but it’s the new Plasma Blaster tech…It’s almost like older technology was better or something.


Mace of Redemption

This Mace offers a strong case to give a character a Power Maul! +3 Strength, -3 AP and D3 Damage is pretty good stuff. Against Marines, it’s about as good as the Heavenfall Blade above – but you get to re-roll failed wound rolls vs Heretic Astartes. It’s also better at dealing with T7 things like lighter-armored vehicles.


That’s it for the Relics of the Dark Angels – what do you think of the Armory of The Rock?

Author: Adam Harrison
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