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AoS: New Nurgle Goodies Inbound

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Dec 30 2017

Nurgle is getting even MORE goodies! Check out what else is coming down the pipe!

The gifts of Nurgle aren’t stopping. Looks like even more Nurgle boxes are invading your FLGS:

via zamerion (12-29-2017 dakkadakka)

The Top row has two of the new kits we’ve seen so far – the Pusgolye Blightlords and the Great Unclean One. The middle row looks like it’s got a new unit/tree on the far right. And the bottom row has a look at the new Beast of Nurgle Box as well as Nurglings, and 3 of the new characters.


Anyone else wondering what the heck that Tree-thing is? It’s clearly Nurgley-themed with the 3 bulbous growths and the bell. It’s time to get excite Nurgle-fans! January is just days away and it’s looking like Nurgle is going to make a BIG impact early next year.



What do you make of the nurgle releases so far? Any guesses as to what the heck that tree thing is?

Author: Adam Harrison
  • 40K: Faction Focus Chaos Daemons