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Chapter Approved Hints At Codexes After Chaos Daemons

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Dec 8 2017

We all know Chaos Daemons is coming after the new year – but Chapter Approved has an interesting clue for us to unravel.

Stable Abe has been poring over the Chapter Approved book and caught something odd.

Here’s the list of Factions that got their points updated in the book:

Codex Factions

  • Space Marines
  • Grey Knights
  • Adeptus Mechanicus
  • Astra Militarum
  • Death Guard
  • Chaos Marines

Index Factions

  • Adeptus Ministorum
  • Deathwatch
  • Space Wolves
  • Thousand sons
  • Harlequins
  • Drukhari
  • Genestealer Cult
  • Orks

These are grouped into factions who already have codexes, so forget about them for this conversation. Then we have Index factions probably far enough away that they need changes now to keep them competitive until they get standalone codexes.

Missing Factions

  • Chaos Daemons
  • Blood Angels
  • Dark Angels
  • T’au
  • Necrons
  • Imperial Knights

Here is where it gets interesting. These factions received no updates. Right away we can remove Chaos Daemons, Blood and Dark Angels. GW has already announced these, and they are coming out in very short order. Clearly they have the correct points already baked into them right off the bat.

But that leaves:

  • T’au
  • Necrons
  • Imperial Knights

Which means one of two things i true:

  • These factions are PERFECTLY costed with zero units needing updates.
  • These factions are probably coming quite soon in the new year. Close enough that GW felt it wasn’t a good use of resources to update them in Chapter Approved for only a few weeks.

~ I have a feeling Necrons and T’au are coming quite soon.  How about you? 


Author: Larry Vela
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