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40K: Blood Angels Don’t Need Centurions

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Dec 7 2017

Centurions “missing” from Blood Angels? More like “skipped over by the” Blood Angels.

When we first teased the Table of Contents, a lot of folks noticed a “missing” unit from the Blood Angel: Centurions. But I don’t think this was an error at all – in fact, I think it was totally intentional as the Blood Angels took one look at them and said, “Nah. We’re good.”

First off, the Blood Angels have a certain aesthetic they try to uphold. They are master artisans of war and of art. The Centurions just don’t fit in… The Blood Angels like Gilded Golden Warriors and Black-Clad Terrors. The Centurions like the 80’s a tad too much.


Aside from the “Look” the Centurions also don’t fit the play style of the Blood Angels. They like fast, aggressive armies that give in to their preference for close combat. The Centurions…well… they just don’t seem to be able to keep up. “But at least they can ride in Transports!” Yes. But maybe that’s why they can’t keep up to begin with.



But for all you folks that are screaming about how awesome they are on the table – the Blood Angels have other options to run besides Ripley’s Exo-Power Armor. For Close Combat the Death Company fill that role just fine. And don’t discount the access to Death Company/Furioso/Librarian Dreadnoughts – I think BA are just fine on the Close Combat front.

And in terms of shooting fire power, yeah, missing Grav-Centurions does sting…But the BA has Baal Predators and…okay, you got me there! Not having them does stink for the Blood Angels. I guess the Vanilla Marines will just always have that one extra thing over Blood Angels. Quick everyone, burn your Blood Angels and start over with Ultramarine or the world will end.

Those aren’t Blood Drops. Those are Red Tears.

But on a more serious note, Centurions are SUPER expensive in all three catagories: Points, Power Level, and Price (money). Frankly, as a Blood Angels player myself, I’m not really missing them in the book. The Blood Angels got the new shiny Primaris Marines and they have some really great Close Combat options that are made better by their rules. Would I like to have Grav-Centurions? Sure. But it’s not like I can’t just take an allied detachment anyways. How else am I going to get a Loyalist Primarch on the table?



Centurions?! We don’t need no stinkin’ Centurions!

What’s your take on the Blood Angels and the “missing” Centurion units?



Author: Adam Harrison
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