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Find Your Tabletop Gamer Profile At Quantic Foundry

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Dec 29 2017

Find out your motivations for playing the games you like to play, as well as other games you might enjoy!

The folks over at Quantic Foundry have released an online tool which will tell you what sort of table top gamer you are.  After answering about 5 minutes worth of questions the survey pops out a graphic showing the “types” of games you might enjoy.  You can see my results below.

The graphic has two layers, blue and gray.  So from the graph we can tell Cooperation is important to me, which is true! I definitely prefer cooperative games over competitive ones. My main goal when playing games is to have fun (weird, right?). So we can see that Social Fun is also rated very high. But you might notice Social Manipulation is also pretty high. What can I say? I like betrayer games and Werewolf type games. Strategy is also rated highly. I like games where I can have a plan and really try to get an strategic engine running.

You’ll also notice Immersion and Aesthetics are super unimportant to me. I think game mechanics are way more important than the themes the game used. Sure, themes are important but a bad game with a good setting is still a bad game. In terms of Aesthetics, Quantic Foundry means the art style and such. I definitely pay very little attention to the art of a game. I’ve had games I’ve played dozens of times and still had those moments of “Hey, you guys ever really look at this card before? It’s got really neat art.”

Once you have your profile, Quantic Foundry will also recommend various games for you. You can either get catered recommendations based on your whole profile or you can look at popular games within each ‘motivational cluster’. A motivational cluster is what Quantic Foundry calls each of these groupings. They also break down each cluster for you. If you’re curious, here’s my results.



Take the test and post your results below!

Author: Matt Sall
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