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GMM: Khorne Backdrop Painting

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Dec 24 2017
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With the display built, the army about done, it’s time to paint the backdrop!

First, a brush-on coat of black primer.  This protects to foam bits from any sprays, as well as seals in all loose sand.  Nothing is uglier or more annyoing than little bits of your terrain coming loose.  This seals it all in.  Afterwards, a good many steps up up and down with blacks and greys to accentuate the forms.  In between these steps, light drybrushing.  This is done in between steps to help feather the drybrushing and make sure it isn’t quite so stark and unnatural.


Next the gold walls are based.  It is important to do a lot of the steps on the walls in the middle, so the overspray on the rock “floor” can be corrected simply using natural painting steps instead of their own.

Shading on the walls, as well as some slight coloration to the rock.


This is before lighting.  Using some red to help accentuate the lighting.  This is done for close ups with intense lighting, don’t completely lose the effect.

And finally, even more intense shading overall, on a more micro level to give more character and definition.

And lights!  Now to finish the army and get it all set for photography.  Thanks for following along, hope you enjoyed!

Author: Brandon Palmer
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