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Malign Portents Doesn’t Leave Mushroom for New Character

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Dec 24 2017

Destruction’s new character released under the Malign Portents is the life of every party.

Because he’s a real fungi. Yes, Christmas came early this year, because the new Fungoid Shaman for destruction really caps off the whole experience. And while we prepare for a new Age of darkness wherein all hope is dead and gone, we should take a look at the heralds who stalk the shadowed halls of this new age.

via Warhammer Community


Malign Portents is coming, and no-one is safe. With dark omens everywhere portending doom, champions are rising from each Grand Alliance to lead their forces in the great battles to come.

The Fungoid Cave-Shaman is amongst the greatest seers in the Mortal Realms. While the other champions in Malign Portents draw their strength from mysterious patronage, ingenuity, training or providence, the Fungoid Cave-Shaman is powered by a liberal attitude towards the consumption of hallucinogenic fungus. Where some grots may have been left as gibbering lunatics, the Fungoid Cave-Shaman has been granted strange and arcane powers allowing him to predict the dark events to come. He is also, by any sensible measure, a gibbering lunatic.

The backstory for this guy is amazing. I love everything about this miniature, it’s full of fun details that really speak to the “Eaten a heroic dose of hallucinogenic mushrooms” aspect of the character. Like the little spore capped squig-looking creature at his feet.

But that’s not all–GW is eager to celebrate Christmas and has news of a very exciting present for all of us–and a very sharp looking one at that. Take a look and see if you can guess what it is before we open it up tomorrow.


And of course, you can prepare yourself for this new Era of darkness by checking out the Malign Portents website, where you can sign up and find more hints and shadows of this coming age of despair. It’s pretty exciting.

Be sure and check back tomorrow to see what the present is, assuming we haven’t cut ourselves on it.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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