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Pathfinder: Brave Eldritch Lairs and Evil Cults

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Dec 5 2017

Delve into Eldritch Dungeons with this new book from Kobold Press.

Kobold Press has a knack for the arcane and ominous. I’d you’ve seen their Tome of Beasts or Demon Cults and Secret Societies books, you know exactly what I mean. They’re a D&D/Pathfinder Powerhouse, and their books add a ton to whatever system you happen to be playing.

Eldritch Lairs, as the name suggests, is a collection of Eldritch Lairs, but it’s more than that. It’s also four adventures that run from 4th to 8th level characters. These are some high fantasy type adventures that call to mind feats of daring the likes of which Howard or Burroughs’ heroes might aspire to. So if that sounds up your allay, check these adventures out.

via Paizo/Kobold Press

Eldritch Lairs$24.99

Confront Evil in Its Den!

To seasoned adventurers, the doom-laden chanting of priests and the cackling of evil wizards can only mean one thing: deadly peril, and the chance for treasure! (Okay, those are two things.)

Eldritch Lairs brings you eight complete Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible adventures for 4th to 8th level player characters, set in the magic-blasted wastes, as well as dungeons and deserts. Take them into the dark depths of the earth, through the twisted alleys of a supernaturally plague stricken town, and beyond, to brave the dangers of:

  • A trap-laden lair that requires stealth and clever tactics to survive!
  • A labyrinthine mausoleum, where wormhearted invaders sow chaos and madness among the dead!
  • The schemes of a demon-cult of thieves and unscrupulous wizards!
  • An unstable magical artifact built in a ruined ley line conduit!
  • A flying palace seized by an army of gnoll bandits!

And much more! Eldritch Lairs offers ready-to-go adventures full of magic and horror for your game.

Who wouldn’t want to know how to better craft an arcane antagonist’s arch-headquarters?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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